Autumn/Winter 2015-2016: News highlights

Press release   •   Jun 09, 2019 13:24 UTC

For the winter of 2015, Fjällräven is launching a new series of shell jackets and shell trousers as part of the prize-winning Keb family, and is consequently lifting waterproof hardshells to a new level of performance at the same time as focusing on sustainability. One of the new garments, the Keb Eco-Shell Anorak, has already been honoured with a prestigious ISPO Award.

Another exciting new comer that also got attention from the ISPO jury, and named as an ISPO Award Gold Winner ,isExpedition DownParka No.1, a hardwearing and exceptionally well insulated winter parka for professionals who spend long days outside in the extreme cold.

And there is even more news from Fjällräven, such as the release of Sarek Anorak, a durable anorak made from G-1000 for backcountry skiing and classic Scandinavian outdoor life, along with several other new garments featuring Fjällräven’s high-performance synthetic insulation G-Loft Supreme.

All these new products will be presented at the world’s largest winter sports tradeshow, ISPO in Munich.

Keb Eco-Shell – new series of waterproof, breathable and sustainable hardshells

Keb is one of Fjällräven’s most technically advanced series of clothing, designed foryear-round use in demanding conditions.Both KebJacket and Keb Trousershave been awarded prizes for their functionality and sustainability.For thewinter of 2015, Fjällräven is introducing a new family member to the collection: Keb Eco-Shell, a waterproof, ventilated and environmentally sustainableseries of modern shell garments.

– That shell garments should be waterproof and breathable is a given today, but this is not enough for us here at Fjällräven. As early as 2011 we introduced ourfirst collection of environmentally-friendly shell garments, and with KebEco-Shell we are now taking hardshellsto a new level; the collection has modern, minimalistic garments with a high level of sustainability, says Henrik Andersson, Head of Research & Development at Fjällräven.

Technically, the Keb Eco-Shell is a 3-layered stretch construction, all in recyclable polyester. The hydrophilic membrane in the middle efficiently stops water molecules getting in from the outside, but lets body moisture passthrough to the face fabric where it dries. All cuts are well thought through to give the perfect fit leading to minimalistic, lightweight garments that ease the push forward and provide reliable protection against the elements.

The Keb Eco-Shell series consists of three jackets and two pairs of trousers and will be launched in September 2015 as part of an exclusive agreement with selected stores.

Facts: Eco-Shell is a waterproof, breathable and sustainable hardshell fabric that is free from fluorocarbon impregnation. Eco-Shell is made of recyclable polyester, and all emissions during productionand transport are climate compensated.
Fabric: Eco-Shell 3-layer Stretch / Eco-Shell 3-layer Stretch RS Material: 100%polyester, Membrane: 100% polyesterWatercolumn (JIS)30.000 mm Breathability:26 000g/m2/24h

Expedition Down Parka No.1 – high performance winter parka for Arctic conditions

Forwinter 2015, the Fjällräven’s Numbers system is being further expanded to include Expedition Down Parka No.1, an exceptionally hardwearing and well-insulated winter parka for professional users in the extreme cold. The parka has been designed to match the serious demands on reliability of the Arctic winter. Its reinforcements, features and insulation are optimized to withstand great strain and keep in warmth during long periods outside in very cold temperatures. The parka has a deep, protective hood with a detachable synthetic fur edging,and all buttons and zipper pullers are oversized so that they can be easily handled when wearing thick gloves. Internal bivouac braces can be used to keep the jacket “on” without using the sleeves – practical when shovelling snow or otherwise working hard when you don’t want to risk losing the jacket in a sudden gust of wind.

Expedition Down Parka No.1 is padded with ethically-produced high-qualitydown and the outer fabric is G-1000 Eco and G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco in recycled polyester and organic cotton. The hand pocket linings and the inside of the collar, against the chin, are madefrom soft, warm wool from the renowned cloth mill Abraham Moon.

Sarek Anorak – reliable anorak for classic ski touring

Fjällräven’s Sarek series builds on Fjällräven’s long tradition of developing durable and functional outdoor clothing and equipment for skitouring in Scandinavian conditions.The series is now being joined by Sarek Anorak, a robust anorak made from Fjällräven’s functional outdoor fabric G-1000 Original with double layers of fabric over the shoulders for extra durability and water resistance.

Sarek Anorak provides reliable protection even during harsh winter weather. The storm hood can be adjusted for a perfect fit and the brim can be folded to either give maximum protection against the wind or more peripheral vision. It has a half-length front opening and a large kangaroo pocket with two hand pockets – both with zippers. Side zippers release excess heat and simplify taking the anorak off and on.

With its excellent breathability and reliable, simple functionality Sarek Anorak is perfect for ski touring, long-distance ice skating and otheractive outdoorwinter activities.

Lots of warming news with G-Loft Supreme

One piece of warming news for the winter of 2014/2015 from Fjällräven was the high-performance synthetic insulation G-Loft Supreme Thematerial has been warmly received and now the collection is being expanded to include several new products.

Keb Loft Hoodie for example is a lightweight, packable reinforcement jacket in stretch polyester fabric that can be used both by itself and as an insulating layer under a shell jacket. It has a fixed, snug-fitting hood, handpockets and a zippered chest pocket. Keb Loft Hoodie is part of the technical Keb series and available in both men's and women's versions.

For those who also like to keep their lower region warm there are the Keb Loft Knickers; lightweight three-quarter length reinforcement trousers with zippers at the sides for easy putting on/taking off – even with skis on which is really practical when inexposed terrain and you don’t want to risk losing any valuable gear.

Kiruna Loft Jacket and Övik 3-in-1 Jacket are two other jackets that are padded with G-Loft Supreme. They are both available in men’s and women’s versions and are comfortable, durable everyday jackets in wind and water resistant G-1000 with recycled polyester lining. The Övik3-in-1 Jacket has a detachable innerjacket that can be used as a separate jacket. Thanks to their synthetic padding, these jackets will keep their wearers warm even in damp, cold conditions –perfect for changeable weather when precipitation can come in both liquid drops and fluffy white snowflakes.

Thesegarments are available in stores in September 2015.

Facts: G-Loft Supreme is a high-performance synthetic padding with exceptional insulating properties, even in wet, cold conditions. Its unique mix of hollow, extremely thin polyester fibres have a natural ability to form “clusters”, just like high-quality down, and create countless small, insulating air pockets. G-Loft Supreme is also fast drying, extremely compressible, durable and easy to wash.

In 1960, Åke Nordin founded Fjällräven in his basement in the town of Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden. Today the company's timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment enjoys a global presence and can be found in over 20 countries. Fjällräven's product range comprises outdoor clothing and accessories for men and women as well as backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.

Fjällräven prioritises acting responsibly towards people, animals and nature and encouraging and sustaining public interest in the outdoors. The company is the initiator of two popular outdoor events, Fjällräven Classic and Fjällräven Polar, which attract thousands of participants every year. Fjällräven is a part of the Fenix Outdoor Group. The Group's net sales totalled MSEK 1 865,8 in 2013.