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BrasilCine: The Brazilian Film Festival in Scandinavia starts its 9th Edition on Monday, September 29th

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2014 07:29 GMT

Next Monday, the 9th BrasilCine will be launched with a big party at Filmhuset (17h30 - Bio Victor, Stockholm) in order to celebrate its biggest edition so far. The featured film chosen to launch the celebration is Tattoo (Tatuagem). Directed by Hilton Lacerda, the film is a portrait of the contradictions of Brazilian society of the late 1970s within liminal spaces of avant-garde theater scene, military dictatorship and homophobia. An after party with Brazilian Music will follow the film screening.

In order to keep up with the tradition to provide a selection of films that show different sites and sides of Brazil, the 2014 edition presents 52 films, from different parts of the country - 9 are featured films, 9 are documentaries, and 34 are short films. Of those, 51 will have its première in Sweden during the festival, in the following week. The Festival will be held from Monday, September 29th to Sunday, October 5th, at Zita Folkets Bio, Filmhuset and Tumbascenen in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. 

The only festival for Brazilian films in Scandinavia has the goal to present another side of Brazil that is usually not captured by the media. Since the country was chosen to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, its image was constantly projected on the news and TV in the first half of the year. However, the Brazil portrayed, in general, was full of stereotypes and clichés. Thus, the 9th BrasilCine arrives in second half of 2014 with the purpose of showing the Brazil as seen by the Brazilians, exploring an array of great Narratives and Characters, which is this edition’s theme.

During the 9th BrasilCine, the film spectators will have not only the opportunity to talk with Brazilian directors and actresses (see additional information below), but also attend special sessions with breakfast, life music and workshop for children. 

Moreover, there will be the second edition of Little BrasilCine. Because of the success of its first edition in 2013, this year’s edition will promote the exhibition of 8 movies (1 feature and 7 shorts) for children. The films will be exhibited in 4 sessions, 3 of which will be attended by primary and secondary schools in the Stockholm region - for free.

The great novelty of 2014 edition is the insertion of a popular vote competition. Thus BrasilCine is now a Competitive Film Festival! In order to strengthen the purpose of the festival since its origin – the promotion of the diversity of Brazilian Culture through the lenses of the much rich contemporary and independent film industry in Brazil - the spectators of Stockholm will be able to vote in their favorite movies. Chosen by popular vote, the best featured film, documentary and short film will be announced in the closing exhibit on Sunday October 5th at Zita Folkets Bio, when they will also receive an award.

This is why BrasilCine invites Stockholmers to watch an amazing selection of Brazilian Narratives and Characters, get to know a different Brazil and vote in their favorite films.

Welcome to the 9th BrasilCine! 


With the presence of the film producer,

Plus Mingle and After Party

Film Screening: Tattoo (Tatuagem)Hilton Lacerda | 2013 | 110' | English

Brazil, 1978. The military dictatorship that resulted from a coup in 1964 begins to stumble. In a cabaret-like theater located on the periphery between two cities in the northeast of Brazil a group of artists challenges power and conventional morality with theater plays and public interferences. Led by Clécio Wanderley, the troupe Chão de Estrelas, strongly supported by its homosexual audience, along with intellectuals and other artists, practices political resistance through anarchy and mockery.

About the director

Born in Recife, on the northeastern coast of Brazil, Hilton Lacerda is better known as the screenwriter of such films as Mango Yellow (2002, by Cláudio Assis), FilmPhobia (2008, by Kiko Goifman), The Dead Girl’s Feast (2008, by Matheus Nachtergaele), Rat Fever (2011, by Cláudio Assis), Arido Movie (2006, by Lirio Ferreira), among others, all of which premiered in respected international – Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, Locarno – and local – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília – film festivals. Tattoo is his first feature film as director.

General InformationWhere: Filmhuset (Borgvägen 1-5, Gärdet)
When: Monday, Sept 29th 2014 at 17:30

With Announcement of the Film Festival Winners

Film Screening: Castanha (Castanha)Davi Pretto | 2014 | 95'| English

João is a 52-year-old actor who lives with his 72-year-old mother, Celina. He spends his time between his work at night as a cross-dresser in small gay bars and the roles he portrays in modest plays, movies and TV shows. Tormented and haunted by ghosts from his past, João’s day-to-day life starts to merge with the reality in which he lives and the fiction he is interpreting.

About the director

Davi Pretto was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in 1988. His short films have been screened at festivals around the world such as Stockholm, Huelva, Montevideo, Tiradentes, among others. His first feature film CASTANHA had its world premiere at 64th Berlin International Film Festival. He currently works as a curator and programer for the SESSÃO PLATAFORMA film series, with financing from the Cultural Department of the city of Porto Alegre.

General InformationWhere: Zita Folkets Bio
When: Sunday, Oct 5th 2014 at 18:30

Q&A After Screenings

Cristiano Burlan

Born in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1975, Cristiano Burlan is a movie and theater director. He studied at International Academy of Cinema (AIC), São Paulo, where now he is a teacher. He made lost of movies, and most of them participated in important film festivals, like Havana Film Festival, It’s All True, São Paulo International Film Festival, and others.

Exhibition: Mataram meu irmão (They killed my brother) on Tuesday, September 30th at 18h30 Sunday, and Amador (Amateur) on Wednesday Oct 1st at 18:15 - Zita Folkets Bio.

Dodo Azevedo

Dodô is a journalist who worked for Folha de São Paulo and O Globo, two of the most read Brazilian newspapers. With a Master degree on Letters by PUC-Rio, he is at the same time a Literature and Philosophy teacher, a writer, a filmmaker, a musician, and a DJ. “Dodô made his debut in Cinema with the series of short films “Eve and the Seasons”. Subtitled Women was his first feature film and his manifesto for the do-it-yourself ideology, arising from his admiration for Julio Bressane’s and Rogério Sganzerla’s cinema (especially during the Belair phase) and the American No Wave generation of the late ’70s.

The main actresses and producers of Memória Tangerina: mulheres legendadas (Tangerine Memories: subtitled women) will also be present in the Q&A session.

Exhibition: Memória Tangerina: mulheres legendadas (Tangerine Memories: subtitled women)on Thursday, October 2nd at 18h30 - Zita Folkets Bio.

Eliza Capai

Eliza Capai is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. Since 2001, she directs and produces documentaries about gender and culture. As an international correspondent, she produced content for different media from over 25 countries.

Exhibition: Tão longe é aqui (Here is so far) on Friday, October 3rd at 18h15 - Zita Folkets Bio.

Pedro Urano

Cinematographer, filmmaker and co-editor of the art & science online journal called Carbono, Pedro Urano lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the years, he built a strong relation with the visual arts, working together with artists like Tunga, Lilian Zaremba and Suzana Queiroga. The feature doc HU Enigma, awarded best doc at Monterrey IFF (Mexico) and Tiradentes IFF (Brazil) is his most recent film as director and the first work in collaboration with the Brazilian visual artist Joana Traub Csekö.


HU(HU Enigma) on Friday, October 3rd at 18h30 - Zita Folkets Bio.

  *There will also be a Masterclass with the director (place and time to be announced).

The Brazilian Film Festival for Children

Due to the success of its first edition in 2013, the Little BrasilCine is back in 2014! This year’s edition will promote the exhibition of 8 movies (1 feature and 7 shorts) for children*. The films will be exhibited in 4 sessions, 3 of which will be attended by primary and secondary schools in the Stockholm region - for free.

Little BrasilCine School in Cinema at Tumbascenen - School screenings are free of charge for pupils and teachers of primary and secondary schools in the Stockholm region.

1st Session: Wednesday, Oct 1st at 10:00 a.m. - Até que a Sbórnia nos separe (Until Sbornia do us apart, Otto Guerra & Ennio Torresan Jr, 95 min)

2nd Session: Thursday, Oct 2nd at 10:00 a.m. - Até que a Sbórnia nos separe (Until Sbornia do us apart, Otto Guerra & Ennio Torresan Jr, 95 min)

3rd Session: Friday, Oct 3rd at 10:00 a.m. - 7 short films (48 min) – Meu Foguete (My Rocket), O Piano (The Piano),Paleolito (Paleolito), Pierre e a mochila (Pierre and the backpack), Requilia (Requilia), Sophia (Sophia), Um Rio (A River).

Morning with Little BrasilCine and Playing in Portuguese at Zita Folkets Bio. A morning full of  fun for Portuguese-speaker children and parents at Zita Folkets Bio. The ticket for this special session is 50kr (no festival card required).

4th Session: Saturday, Oct 4th at 10:00 a.m. - 7 short films (48 min) – Meu Foguete (My Rocket), O Piano (The Piano),Paleolito (Paleolito), Pierre e a mochila (Pierre and the backpack), Requilia (Requilia), Sophia (Sophia), Um Rio (A River).

BrasilCine is organized by the non-profitable association FSBK – Förening för Svensk & Brasiliansk kultur, and is the only Brazilian Film Festival taking place in Scandinavia. The festival’s main goal is to promote the diversity of the Brazilian culture through the lenses of the rich contemporary cinematographic industry in Brazil.