Cabinet knobs that beautify your furniture

Press release   •   Jun 19, 2019 09:20 CEST

Classic and interesting cabinet knobs

Is it time for renewal in your home? Do you want to optimize your furniture easy and cheap?

With new cabinet knobs you can optimize or change the expression in your rooms very easily. For example, find your new cabinet knobs for cupboards and drawers in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room. In this way you will get a whole new expression in your home.

Details connect your rooms

Many of our costumers choose to renew an old dresser or sideboard by replacing the cabinet knobs. This gives new life to the old furniture, which otherwise is forgotten in a dusty corner in the living room.

In addition to this, cabinet knobs are an obvious way to connect the rooms in your home. For example, choose your cabinet knobs in a material that matches other details in your home (such as the door handles). In this way you are creating a beautiful, consistent look in your rooms. Are you looking for the warm, golden expression in your home, you can advantageously choose brass door handles and replace your cabinet knobs with beautiful brass knobs. If you are more into the minimalist and classic look, you can choose black handles or black cabinet knobs.

Find your new cabinet knobs at VillaHus. We offer a wide selection of classic, beautiful and imaginative cabinet knobs in materials such as brass, chrome, bakelite, porcelain and browned brass.

At VillaHus we have a special passion for interior design. We believe that your home is telling the story of who you are. We have an extraordinary passion for the interior detail, which means that we are specialized in exclusive door handles, door knockers, door stops, cabinet knobs and other fittings for your home. 

To ensure high quality, we have carefully selected all the designers, architects and design companies we are working together with. We are proud to offer designs from exclusive and well-known brands such as Arne Jacobsen, Knud Holscher, Samuel Heath, FSB and Turnstyle Design.