CashGuard News: 7 companies join forces

Press Release   •   Aug 28, 2015 15:00 GMT

Seven front runners become one market leader

CashGuard’s parent company PSI Group strengthens its activities and operations in the group and changes the name to StrongPoint.

The seven companies that will join forces are: PSI Systems AS, PSI Antonson AB, New Vision Baltija UAB, SQS Security Qube System AB, Antonson Etikett AB, CashGuard AB and Vensafe AS.

With this consolidation, StrongPoint will be able to offer additional solutions and services to further enhance its customers’ business. StrongPoint will also be well equipped to continue its international expansion and attract more new customers.

“Creating StrongPoint is the right way for us to better serve our customers with a more comprehensive product portfolio together with support and consultative services,” said Jørgen Waaler, StrongPoint CEO.

The reorganisation and consolidation will be carried out in incremental steps throughout 2015 and 2016. All companies will change their names to StrongPoint, but product brands that are owned by the group (CashGuard and Vensafe) will remain until the last step of the process.

This reorganisation will not lead to any immediate changes for CashGuard partners. In the long term, it will mean new opportunities for partners to offer new products and solutions from the consolidated StrongPoint portfolio.

StrongPoint will have the ticker symbol STRONG on the Oslo Stock Exchange. It will continue to be headquartered in Rælingen, outside Oslo, in Norway.

Please contact your StrongPoint/CashGuard representative for more information

Please see to learn more about StrongPoint.

CashGuard Managing Director relocates to South East Asia

CashGuard’s MD, Roine Gabrielsson, moves to Malaysia and will head up StrongPoint’s Asia-Pacific division (APAC). He will remain as MDfor CashGuard until the end of 2015.

“StrongPoint wants to grow its business globally. APAC has a booming retail industry which makes it a strategically important region for us to succeed in,” says Jørgen Waaler, StrongPoint CEO.

In his new role as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of StrongPoint APAC, Gabrielsson will continue to develop business for CashGuard and work to establish StrongPoint’s whole product portfolio in the region. He will be based in Kuala Lumpur. now available in several languages

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