Nobel Peace Center

Christmas tree lighting ceremony with the Nobel Peace Center and artist MYRA

Press release   •   Nov 29, 2018 10:15 CET

The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo is part of the gift when the Norwegian Christmas tree is arriving in London on 6 December. Norwegian rap artist MYRA will perform in Trafalgar Square

Music and the message of peace are natural parts of the Christmas celebrations. When the lighting of the world’s most famous Christmas tree takes place in Trafalgar Square on 6 December at 6pm, the Nobel Peace Center and the artist MYRA will be part of the programme. The Norwegian Christmas tree have been given to London every year since 1947 in gratitude for British help and friendship during World War II.

-The Christmas tree in London is an important symbol of fraternity between nations, as Alfred Nobel wrote about in his last will. The lighting ceremony happens only days before the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, and offers a great opportunity to show that culture and music can change the world, said Liv Tørres, Director of the Nobel Peace Center.

In Trafalgar Square, the Norwegian rap artist MYRA will perform one of her own songs. The day after, on Friday 7 December, the Nobel Peace Center, together with he Norwegian music festival Øyafestivalen, the City of Oslo and Norwegian Embassy in London, invite you to a one-of-a-kind music happening at the Free Word Center in London.

MYRA will interpret and perform a song that she believes has changed the world. Because some songs have done more than just entertain the masses - they have changed the world. They have become a symbol of change. They have been, and are, the soundtracks for social movements, an inspiration for change, and global activism. The song MYRA chooses, will set the tone for a conversation, with Norwegian music journalist Asbjørn Slettemark and Director of Education at the Nobel Peace Center, Toril Rokseth, about music and freedom of speech.

Songs that Changed the World will be held at Free Word, Farringdon Road, London, Friday 7 December at 19:00. Media is welcome to attend.


MYRA is an up-and-coming Rapper from Bergen, Norway. With her hushed, effortless rapping and playful lyrical style, MYRA has established herself as one of the hottest emerging talents on the Norwegian rap scene. MYRA’s voice has an inherent coolness that alternates between putting you in your place and charming you.

Facts about the Nobel Peace Center

  • one of Norway's most visited museums with app 250 000 vistors per year 
  • presents the Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their work, in addition to telling the story of Alfred Nobel
  • is an arena for debate and reflection around topics such as war, peace and conflict resolution
  • is internationally recognized for its emphasis on documentary photography and interactive technology
  • presents changing exhibitions, engaging digital solutions, films, seminars and events 
  • is an independent foundation, with the Norwegian Nobel Committee appointing the board
  • Olav Njølstad is the leader of the board, Liv Tørres is the Executive Director
  • is financed by a combination of public and private funds
  • the main sponsors and collaborating partners are Hydro, Telenor Group and ABB