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Cloud Computing - Towards a Mobile Cloud

Press Release   •   Feb 27, 2013 15:14 GMT

Towards a mobile cloud applies knowledge about user behavior for pre-fetching content to mobile devices, ensuring access to it even in case of no connectivity.

Based on proactive prediction of offline periods, this research project, part of EIT ICT Labs action line Computing in the cloud, focuses on improvement of user experience. It observes a history of connectivity for a device, and quantifies the human factor by recognizing what people are doing. Using that information, future gaps in connectivity are predicted and necessary data is pre-cached.

A novel framework running in the background on the device monitors sensors and quantifies the behavior of a user, generating a timeline of activity. Using this timeline, the framework predicts the likelihood of specific connectivity events, based on models from previous experience, improving usability for cloud-based mobile applications during periods of disconnection.

“With this framework we looked at reconciling the conceptual discrepancies between the interconnectedness of cloud computing, and the mobility of today’s devices,” researcher Dawud Gordon explains.

Models of quantified human behavior leading to missing network connectivity, recognized and differentiated by motion and environmental sensors on the device, is used for the research. Based on these data, applications are alerted about future network down time, and cache necessary resources to maintain seamless functionality.

Towards a Mobile Cloud research is part of EIT ICT Labs action line Computing in the Cloud. The action line aims to bring together the power and utility of cloud computing with the inherent problems of mobile devices. For more information please visit www.eitictlabs.eu/action-lines/computing-in-the-cloud/.

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