COK increases focus on automation in the public sector

Press Release   •   Dec 04, 2015 09:34 GMT

COK (Centre of Public Competency Development) becomes a part of RoboBusiness Europe 2016, which is organised by RoboBusiness Europe and hosted in Odense, Denmark, from 1st - 3rd of June 2016.

In the next few years, the future of robotics will become a natural part of the public sector. Today the robot technologies are in its tentative beginning of the welfare technology agenda. The robot vacuum cleaner is often mentioned but such examples are only a slight aspect of the robot technologies, and in the following years it will gain a footing in the public sector. 

New initiatives will boost technology insight 

“COK wants to contribute to encourage the insight and spot the opportunities with new technologies in the public sector. We want to be an active player and groom the future public leaders in order to address their challenges within a short- and long-term time horizon. It is quite necessary noticing for instance the demographic expansion”, the Director of COK, Ib Oustrup, states. 

“We started to organize and plan a wide range of new initiatives, which are focusing on implementing new technologies in the public sector. It begins in the fall and will be intensified when approaching RoboBusiness Europe in June 2016. Our focus will remain on different target groups and therefore it is natural for us to participate in a European robot business development conference, which will be held in Denmark”, the Senior Advisor, Karin Albjerg, expresses. 

COK is very interested in how the latest robot technologies can be applied in the public sector in Danish municipalities, schools, nursing homes, authorities, and day care centres etc. 

A collaboration with visions 

The CEO of RoboBusiness Europe, Marianne Andersen, is very honoured and pleased with the agreement of the collaboration and concludes: 

“We are incredibly proud that COK has chosen to focus on an increased automation in the public sector in Denmark and our collaboration, which we have established based on RoboBusiness Europe 2016. How can we together secure and strengthen the Danish welfare model by implementing new technologies? RoboBusiness Europe is a business development conference for the private and public sector, where the latest knowledge, technology and business will be created”.

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