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Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2012 15:50 GMT

There are so many different cruises available today - the big cruise to Alaska, many types of Mediterranean or African “Rivera” cruises, not to mention the river cruises of Europe. There are literally hundreds of ships and hundreds of itineraries to choose from. But there is another cruise – a Colorado River cruise. There are approximately 5 million people that visit the Canyon each year, but less than 20,000 experience it from the bottom looking up.


This is the jewel of the Grand Canyon – white water rafting on the Colorado River. Discover what the Canyon has to offer beyond the thrill of the rapids - geology, history, flora and fauna of the Canyon and river, as well as off river hiking and exploration.  Rather than castle spires and towers see the glorious “architecture” of the Grand Canyon.


Rafters don’t have to be highly trained or an expert whitewater rafter to experience this natural wonder of the world.  It doesn’t take years to get on a wait list to participate - as is rumored. There is no need to worry about a lack of experience or an abundance of age, rest assured neither of these will prevent a person from experiencing this amazing cruise.  The typical Grand Canyon rafting customer is between the age of 45 and 65 years of age.  No experience is required - all that is needed is a healthy sense of adventure and the time to do it. Colorado River trips range from 3 to 13 days and are either motor powered or oar powered (this is where the guides “drive” the rafts by oar). Special rates are also available during May and August dates (if you prefer to travel while most schools are in session).


Feeling a little anxious about safety?  Risk studies done by the insurance industry found that while white water rafting in the Grand Canyon is more dangerous than billiards, it is less dangerous than golf. (From the book “Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon” by Michael Patrick Ghiglieri, Michael P. Ghiglieri).  The river outfitters take safety very seriously - it is their top priority.


Many rafters use this escape as a priceless chance to bring generations of their family together for an active reunion that all ages can enjoy and be engaged whether eight or eighty. This is one of the few journeys one can do with the "whole" family, and the best part is the guides make all the decisions. They do all the cooking, letting you just sit back and enjoy the scenery and companionship.


One outfitter operating in the Grand Canyon, Arizona River Runners, has shared this exciting venture from all over the world since 1970. It is easy to strike up a conversation with someone in the raft or over dinner because you already have something in common -- a love of travel and adventure! Many passengers are moved to tears and most unprepared for the powerful impact that the experience of a Grand Canyon white water rafting vacation has on their lives, and wonder why they waited so long to experience Arizona's Grand Canyon from the river’s view.


Unlike the big cruises where more and more cruise "extras" come at a price, these Colorado River trips are truly all-inclusive. No need for credit cards or cash – well maybe some money to tip the crew. All food, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, hi-tec camping equipment and rafting gear are included.  Rafters just pack personal items and clothing.


Already taken the big cruise, enjoyed the culture of European river cruises or grown tired of time share destinations? Now is the time to go to this magical land of azure pools of water and towering canyon walls, big horn sheep and California condors. Take a Grand Canyon rafting cruise on the Colorado River, it one of the most scenic and breathtaking adventures on Earth.

Experience the vacation adventure of a lifetime on a Grand Canyon rafting trip. Since 1970 Arizona River Runners has provided complete white water rafting trips.  Arizona River Runners has the best Grand Canyon tour guides for your Arizona family vacations.  They will bring your Colorado River trip to life, and take you on a safe and enjoyable vacation adventure that will become one of your most memorable vacations. Arizona River Runners has a wide variety of trip offerings from their 3-day Escape, 6, 7 and 8-day motorized adventures to 6, 8, 13-day oar powered trips. Arizona River Runners is very serious about protecting the environment of one of the most beautiful and unique places in world. Their dedication is evident through the time invested in their people, the care taken in educating visitors about the Colorado River corridor and their passion for preserving this opportunity for future generations to experience. Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a unique view of one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world. Arizona River Runners has grown to be one of the most innovative, progressive and well-respected outfitters operating in the Grand Canyon. They operate with customized state-of-the-art rafts, provide all the camping and rafting gear you will need for your river experience.