Dyalog APL Competition Winners Announcement

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2014 00:00 GMT

During the conference that will run from September 21st-25th in Eastbourne England, grand prize winner and Aarhus University master of computer science student Emil Bremer will present his programming solutions that led to him winning the APL Problem Solving Competition 2014 and $2500 cash prize. 

Perhaps one of the more obscure programming language, Dyalog aimed to increase awareness of the APL programming tool and its application as a sophisticated solution for both corporate and personal use through the competition. With over 1,200 students and professionals around the world having signed up to compete for the forty-three available cash prizes, the competition attracted both APL pros and first-time users, alike. 

In fact, Bremer cites the competition as his first encounter with APL when his university department posted a link to the competition from Studentcompetitions.com in 2011. Although unable to compete in previous years’ competition, this year Bremer was able to learn more about APL and put his new-found skills to use. 

In the competition, students and young professionals across the world were challenged to use their programming and problem solving skills to solve a series of APL problems. The first part of the competition encouraged students to learn more about the programming language and hone their skills before attempting to answer ten questions using a single line of APL. Once completing the first ten questions, participants could move onto the second half where they faced a series of more challenging programming questions. 

In the end, after careful review and deliberation of the many submissions, the judges at Dyalog determined the winners and awarded the top prize to Bremer. The $1250 second prize went to University College Cork computer science student Sean Kelleher and the $750 third prize to second year computer ccience PhD student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chao Xu.

We thank all the participants that signed up for the competition and congratulate all the winners on a job well done. 

To see more about the competition and also the complete list of winners, http://www.dyalogaplcompetition.com/

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