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EIT ICT Labs brings its talents and innovations to CeBIT

Press release   •   Feb 19, 2014 14:10 UTC

“We are happy to be back at CeBIT”, says Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT ICT Labs. “In a very short time we have succeeded to bring EIT ICT Labs to maturity and this is what we want to show now. The network is flourishing with 7 hot spot ICT centres – the newest one being London, since January 1st 2014. A nice coincidence with the fact that the partner country of CeBIT 2014 is the United Kingdom.”

EIT ICT Labs shows the impact and benefits of the unique Pan-European entrepreneurial network, as well as promising innovation results. Starting from March 10, visitors can experience some of the youngest innovations in the field of Future Cloud and Smart Spaces showcased on the EIT ICT Labs’ stand E44, in hall 9.

The key success factor of EIT ICT Labs is an integrated approach of research and business developments that drive and accelerate innovations in an ecosystem of around 125 partners from academy, large industries and research. EIT ICT Labs puts specific emphasis on entrepreneurship and this year brings more than ten promising startups to CeBIT. Also at CeBIT EIT ICT Labs will launch a novel IDEA CHALLENGE that addresses both core ICT as well as applied ICT in a variety of domains.”

One of the eye-catchers at the EIT ICT Labs stand is the already famous Smart Kiosk - combining two demonstrating startups in one real-live presentation with smart retail analysis solutions. Other highlights are embodied by future innovation leaders in the field of Future Cloud: Varaani from Finland (with a “personal cloud hub”), Playful Therapy (a remote therapy for autistic children) from Italy and the Germany-based Stratosphere (an open source big data analysis platform).

See it for yourself! Smart Kiosk, cloud demos and more at Stand E44, Hall 9. Startups, presentations, talks and more in CODE_n, Hall 16 and Open Stage, Hall 8. Click here for information.


We are proud to announce the launch of IDEA CHALLENGE – a new international idea contest for early-stage startups with particular international focus. A press announcement is planned March 11 at 10:00 o’clock (GMT +1) at the CeBIT Press Centre, Room 11. We heartily invite journalists and third-parties to attend this official kick-off. Please register your attendance at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PHSKL5K.

EIT ICT Labs’ stand can be found at E44 in Hall 9, March 10-14, 2014. Details on www.eitictlabs.eu/cebit.

Press contact: Johanna Gavefalk, Communications Director, johanna.gavefalk@eitictlabs.eu

About EIT ICT Labs

EIT ICT Labs is a pan-European education and research-based innovation organisation founded on excellence. The mission of EIT ICT Labs is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life. EIT ICT Labs is a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. By linking education, research and business, EIT ICT Labs empowers ICT top talents for the future and brings ICT innovations to life.

The ecosystem is characterised by an open and collaborative way of working with partners representing global companies, leading research centres, and top ranked universities in the field of ICT. Since 2010, EIT ICT Labs is consistently mobilising talents, ideas, technologies, investments as well as business across Europe and beyond.