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EIT ICT Labs opens new Silicon Valley Hub on September 25 - building a bridge between the European ecosystem and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Press Release   •   Sep 25, 2014 15:30 GMT

On September 25, the EIT ICT Labs Silicon Valley hub officially opens with the mission to build a bridge between the European ecosystem and the San Francisco Bay Area actors in the field of ICT. The hub will be located at RocketSpace, 180 Sansome Street in San Francisco, and joins the pool of EIT ICT Labs centers in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm, and Trento and associate partners in Budapest and Madrid.

“The goal is to build a two-way connection between EIT ICT Labs hotspots in Europe and the Bay Area. Both regions, Europe and Silicon Valley, have very vibrant and dynamic eco-systems of ICT innovators and entrepreneurs and a close collaboration will surely be of benefit for both parties, explains Willem Jonker CEO EIT ICT Labs.

“ICT ecosystems are often compared against Silicon Valley, or the San Francisco Bay Area, and for a good reason. It continues to be the premier hotspot with highly innovative ICT companies, fast-moving and strong entrepreneurial culture, world-class universities, and a very rich set of financing tools and investors looking for “the next big venture”, says Klaus Beetz, Business Director EIT ICT Labs.

EIT ICT Labs is about connecting eco-systems. i.e. facilitating open innovation collaborations that go beyond individual partnerships. Some of the EIT ICT Labs partners have already connections in Silicon Valley and next to this various EU countries are present in the Bay Area via consulates or national organizations. EIT ICT Labs will build on these existing presence and relationships and aims at developing them into a bridge between EU and the US ecosystems.

For further information, please contact
Johanna Gavefalk, Marketing & Communications Director EIT ICT Labs on email: johanna.gavefalk@eitictlabs.eu

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EIT ICT Labs is a pan-European education and research-based innovation organisation founded on excellence. The mission of EIT ICT Labs is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life. EIT ICT Labs is a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. By linking education, research and business, EIT ICT Labs empowers ICT top talents for the future and brings ICT innovations to life.

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