Emojis Get Fresh New Faces (And Skin Color) With The Stereojis Keyboard App

Press release   •   Jun 16, 2015 12:00 UTC

SinkFoot LLC is happy to announce the release of Stereojis, an emoji keyboard for iOS devices, that gives everyone the emoji diversity they’ve demanded for years. The free app integrates into any iOS keyboard, allowing users to send “stereojis” directly from their favorite messaging apps.

The Stereojis app, now available for the iPhone and iPad, offers nearly 100 new diverse emoji for free. Users can opt to purchase one of four expansion packs containing 63 emojis for just $0.99 each to flesh out their Stereojis keyboard: Funky Fresh, Avant Garde, Gung Ho & Cray Cray.

The Funky Fresh pack comes with urban-themed emojis ranging from iconic figures like Kanye

to hand gestures like “dropping the mic.” The Avant Garde pack includes hipster-themed emojis ranging from bearded, flannel-wearing men to a latte and green drink. The Gung Ho pack delivers Far East-themed emojis ranging from a giddy sushi chef to an angry Bruce Lee. The Cray Cray pack boasts teen-themed emojis ranging from a selfie girl to the overly-attached girlfriend meme.

“It’s been a long time coming,” says SinkFoot CEO Ryan Carmody. “We’ve been using the same, tired emojis for nearly 10 years--10 years without a substantial update or addition. The people have spoken and we’ve heard them: it’s time for emojis users can send where they feel represented. Yellow circles don’t cut it anymore.”

Brittney Backos, President of SinkFoot discusses a goal she had from the beginning of creating the app: “We wanted to build a community of emoji that looked and felt like real people. Our hope is to eventually add enough people to that community where everyone feels they have at least one emoji that is them. We’ve even named and given a backstory to all of our emojis that we are currently distributing on our Instagram.”

Stereojis, the fresh new emoji keyboard for iOS devices, is available now as a free download in the App Store at:

About SinkFoot LLC

SinkFoot LLC is a mobile app development company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stereojis is the company’s flagship product and users can expect several more expansion packs to be added to its options over the next several months.

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