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Evaluation study of TIGR® Matrix surgical mesh in Immediate Breast Reconstruction notes excellent outcomes and minimal complications

Press release   •   Nov 25, 2016 12:00 UTC

The authors examined their initial experience over an 18-month period of post-mastectomy patients undergoing one and two-stage implant-based breast reconstruction using long-term resorbable mesh. Patients were followed for major and minor complications.

All surgeries were performed at one single hospital institution by two surgeons. Forty-five cancer patients and 11 BRCA-carriers underwent mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction. Tissue expanders were used in 35 patients (62.5%) while 21 underwent a direct-to-implant procedure.

Average patient age was 51 years. Fourteen patients (25%) received radiation therapy and 22 (39.3%) adjuvant chemotherapy. Four patients (7.1%) were current smokers. The total complication rate of 17.5% comprised major (6.7%) and minor (10.8%) events. Serious complications were mostly associated with risk factors such as smoking. Two of the four active smokers experienced implant loss.

The authors concluded that TIGR® Matrix was an effective adjunct for use in breast reconstruction, providing excellent cosmetic outcomes with minimal rates of complications.

The study was recently published online at the European Journal of Plastic Surgery under the title: “De novo experience of resorbable woven mesh in immediate breast reconstruction post-mastectomy” by Shiva Sharma, Susie Van Barsel, Mitchell Barry and Malcolm R. Kell.

Read the full study at http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00238-016-1227-1

Learn more about TIGR® Matrix surgical mesh at: www.tigrmatrix.com

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Novus Scientific AB (www.novusscientific.com) develops, manufactures and markets resorbable implants that help the body's own healing.

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TIGR® Matrix (www.TIGRmatrix.com) is a slowly degradable synthetic surgical mesh, which contributes mechanical strength until the body itself recreated tissue strength and then excreted through natural pathways.

Main applications are:

• To stabilize the tissue around the implant during breast reconstruction after cancer.

• Restoring abdominal wall function for complex incisional hernia.

• Strengthening suture line reinforcement after laparotomy to reduce the risk of wound dehiscence and incisional hernia.