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Fazer celebrates the lifework of Tove Jansson

Press release   •   Jan 20, 2014 07:32 UTC

Tove Jansson's 100th anniversary will be celebrated in August 2014. Jansson's close cooperation with Fazer ranged from the drawing of advertisements to the design of packages. To celebrate Tove Jansson's 100th anniversary, Fazer will introduce new Moomin products and change the appearance of Moomin packages. During the celebration year, Fazer will be the main partner of the Tove Jansson exhibition at the Ateneum Art Museum.

"Fazer started working with Tove Jansson as early as in 1937, and she designed the very first Moomin product packages in the 1950s. During that decade, Jansson also drew rarely seen Fazer advertisements for the Garm magazine. Fazer's Moomin products are also popular among modern consumers, and they are made at all of our three confectionery factories and our biscuit factory in Finland. Our most popular Moomin product is the Moomin biscuit," says Ulrika Romantschuk, Fazer's Vice President, Marketing & Communications.

During the year, Fazer will be the main partner of the Tove Jansson exhibition on display at the Ateneum Art Museum from 14 March to 7 September 2014. The extensive exhibition is one of the most significant events of the celebration year. It presents Tove Jansson's long career as a painter, illustrator, creator of political cartoons, author and the creator of the Moomin characters and stories.

Nine decades of cooperation

The first evidence of cooperation between Tove Jansson and Fazer dates back to 1937 when, according to her notes, Jansson created "a decoration for Fazer Munkkiniemi."  More detailed information is no longer available. Probably, the work was made for Fazer's bread shop located in Munkkiniemi or the Kalastajatorppa restaurant which was owned by Fazer at the time.

Tove Jansson worked for the Swedish-speaking satirical Garm magazine from the 1940s until the closing of the magazine in 1953. During that time, she drew, not only her famous and satirical covers and cartoons, but also advertisements for the magazine. One of Jansson's colleagues was Hjalmar Hagelstam, Karl Fazer's son-in-law.  In the 1950s, Tove Jansson drew at least four Fazer advertisements published in Garm: two Christmas ads, one summer ad and one Mignon Easter egg ad.  All of these advertisements depict one Moomin character, already familiar at the time. Fazer was also closely involved in Tove Jansson's personal life. Visitors to her summer residence located in Klovharu on an island off Pellinki have said that she usually offered Fazer confectioneries, mainly Marianne or Liquor Fills.

Moomin delicacies from the 1950s

Fazer's first Moomin products were launched in the 1950s. Tove Jansson designed at least the wrapping of a small pastille bar and a paper caramel bag. Since that day, the product family has grown, and currently consists of xylitol products, pastilles, lollipops, liquorice, marmalade and fruit confectioneries, and Moomin biscuits. Xylitol products are made at the Fazer confectionery factory in Karkkila, and liquorice and fruit products at the Fazer confectionery factor in Lappeenranta, while Moomin biscuits are made at the biscuit factory and chocolate products at the confectionery factory in Vantaa.

The best-selling Moomin product is the Moomin biscuit. At an annual level, some 500,000 kg of the product is sold, and its most important export destination country is Japan.

In addition to products available at retail shops, Fazer will introduce special products during the celebration year to be sold at Fazer cafés and bakery shops. The Moomin and Tove Jansson's lifework will also be seen in the visitors' programme at the Fazer Vantaa confectionery factory.

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