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Yummy salmon recipe!

Press Release   •   Jul 05, 2013 09:30 GMT

Salmon is rich in both vitamin D and omega-3s!

Fillet of salmon with dill, carrot, peas or corn and potato

2 oz/50 g piece of salmon fillet

1 potato


1 piece of carrot (the size of ½ a potato)

1 tsp liquid margarine or oil

2 – 3 tbsp peas or corn

Peel and dice the potato and carrot. Place in boiling water. Toward the end of the cooking time add the salmon and finally the peas or corn. If necessary you can pass the peas or corn through a sieve to remove the skins. In this case use a separate pan to cook them. Serve on a plate and sprinkle with a little rinsed and finely chopped dill. Mash with a fork (or finely chop) with a little liquid margarine or oil.


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