Five Reasons You Should Participate in a Student Competition

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2011 13:43 GMT

Why should you spend the time and effort to participate in a competition, when you are not even sure that you will get something for the effort? There are several reasons why participating in a competition is a worthwhile activity, you learn much, have a better chance of winning than you think and can gain valuable experience for your CV.

Learning, learning, learning

The main reason to compete is that you learn a great deal by participating in a competition. A student competition is a great setting to learn in, failure does not bear any severe consequences and you can measure your skills in the subject against others, in a fail-safe environment. When producing your contribution, you dig deep down into a subject and become better at it – and its fun! By participating in competitions where the topic is not in your main field – you learn a lot and can also discover that it happened to be exactly that field which you were great at.

You often have a decent chance to win

Despite huge prize sums and extravagant prizes, there are many competitions that do not get that many contributions. Believe us. Otherwise, we would not be in business. We constantly hear

The more niched a competition is, the higher the chance that the number of participants is low and hence, you have a much greater chance of winning them. So if you are talented in fields like Emerging Technologies, Infrastructure Software or High-Level Mathematics , just go for it!

It is good for your CV

Companies know that participating in a competition is a great effort for a student and therefor value it when they are looking for candidates for their jobs. It shows that you are ambitious and that you are not afraid to compete or get measured against others.

Get that boost needed to start your own company

If you have considered starting a business, participating in a competition is a great way to get started. You are then forced to think about your idea and write down your plan, which makes it easier to . There is lots of entrepreneurship-, idea and business plan competitions, both global and local, where you can win the money, advice and other resources needed to get going with your business idea. Most competitions offer feedback and coaching for your idea as well.

Shortcut to success

Your grades are not as good as they should be, but you still feel that you are really clever? Prove that you are still competitive by participating in – and winning competitions! Several of the founders of Studentcompetitions.com were no brainiacs in school, but have proven their value in battle by winning competitions. It is a volatile, but viable strategy to reach success in life.

Join your first competition today and experience the joys of competing. Naturally, you may not always win and will probably not do so initially, but if you keep on competing you will learn the game and eventually, you will win. The charm of participating in a competition is that the outcome is up to you and your skills and the satisfaction when you actually master something is incomparable.

Challenge Yourself – Challenge the World!

By Gustav Borgefalk


In the summer of 2009 four students from top Universities in Stockholm and Bejing meet at SSE business lab. All four had participated in student competitions and found it a great way to finance their ventures and studies! They all made many friends globally and gained valuable experiences that helped them to get exciting internships and opportunities through their time at university. They discussed why it was so hard to find this opportunities and wanted to find a way to make it easier.

And so, Studentcompetitions.com was born. StudentCompetitions.com is a gathering point for events and challenges targeting students and young professionals. It is the only platform where students, regardless field and level of studies, can find (all) the world’s major competitions at one place. As a bonus, the service is completely free too use for students!

By using the platform, You become aware of events and challenges, matching Your specific preferences. We do not only want to increase Your chance to find a participation you like and apply for it, Studentcompetitions.com also brings out some of the world's most extraordinary young talents into the spotlight. We give students a platform to strengthen their personal brand and are at the bottom line promoting educational as a whole. We are on an important mission!

Additionally, the platform allows students from all over the world to interact, co‐ operate and jointly create a junction for global opportunities. Example of interaction involves opportunity to establish global groups for participation in challenges/competitions, exchange of information and activities at different universities and much, much more.