FrontPoint and Securitas Sweden AB delivers to Royal Dramatic Theater and Royal Swedish Opera

Press Release   •   Dec 01, 2015 10:15 GMT

FrontPoint, together with Securitas Sweden AB signed an agreement with the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Royal Opera in Stockholm. The agreement spans three years and covers FrontPoints concepts Distance Reception.

With Front Points concepts Distance Reception can the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Royal Opera maintain the same high level of service and safety as in a traditional front desk staffing.

The introduction of Distance Reception provides a more cost effective solution as the distribution of resources can be optimally planned.

Receptionists take care just as before, customer services, goods receiving, passer and identity checks, or other security solutions, but at a distance via our virtual customer service concept.

FrontPoint consider this agreement as a further proof of our concept of flexible functionality, where we can offer attractive and cost-saving solutions with personalized customer service at a distance, with audio and video connection in real time.

Meet your customers anywhere.

Front Point Pod ™ (Personal Online Desk) is a unique concept for distance-based service that gives your customers a completely new service experience with personal service and human touch in real time with audio and video connection.

Front Point Pod ™ provides attractive and cost effective solutions and with ours virtual customer service concept, we can carry out identity checks, reception services, key and ticket delivery, printing of badges and documents, payment systems, goods receiving, car rental, security and communication, etc. remotely from your regular customer service or reception.

Front Point Pod ™ lowers your current personnel costs and increases your opportunities. Maintaining service levels even during evenings, nights and season. Expand into new markets at a fraction of the usual set-up costs.

 With FrontPoint is possible.