German cycling enthusiast Jonas Deichmann breaks European cycle record by over 4 days

Press Release   •   Jul 27, 2017 17:14 UTC

Munich-native Jonas Deichmann (30) today set a new world record for the fastest cycle across Europe (6450 KM) in just 25 days 3 hours 38 minutes – breaking the previous record by over 4 days.

Jonas’ world record is part of his bigger challenge to break 2 world records in a single cycle – of making the fastest cycle across Europe and Eurasia respectively. Jonas is cycling in aid of the TDA Global Cycling Foundation. His attempt is sponsored by HR-Tech giant Benify.

Beginning his world-record challenge in Capo da Roca (Portugal) on 2nd July, Jonas has so far completed the first stage of his challenge in record-breaking time – reaching Ufa (Russia) at 3.38 pm on the afternoon of July 27th.

To break the first record, Jonas has had to overcome many challenges along the way – including testing conditions, challenging inclines, poor roads and even a bike collapse in the Czech Republic.

Sleeping for just 5-6 hours each night, often in the open air, Jonas usually begins his daily cycle before sunrise. He then cycles unsupported for up to 300 KM each day (depending on head winds) carrying up to 10KG of equipment and supplies.

Speaking about the challenges, Jonas said “In Spain, the temperatures would often reach a high of 40 degrees. I was drinking up to 12 liters of water daily just to compensate.”

Jonas also experienced unbelievably bad luck when the frame of his bike collapsed as he was approaching the Polish border in the Czech Republic. “I had a really bad problem with the frame on my bike. To make the record, I had to run for 26 KM to the nearest town, Opava – even though I was offered a ride several times by kind motorists on the way. Luckily, even though the town was small, it just so happened to have a few bike shops which were open on a Saturday.”

Jonas will now continue his cycle for a further 10 000 KM to Vladivostok, where he hopes to break the Eurasian cycling record in fewer than 70 days. Jonas says, “Now, I can’t wait for the next chapter of my challenge. The real adventure begins in Siberia."

Jonas is raising money for the TDA Global Cycling Foundation – a humanitarian organization which provides bicycles to healthcare and community development workers in Africa and India. You can support Jonas by visiting his Fundrazr page here.

His world record attempt is sponsored by Benify, a global HR-Tech company which provides modern, innovative solutions across the world of work.

Follow Jonas in his next challenge by visiting his website

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