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​Glamox launches 1000W Xenon maintenance-free searchlight for cold, harsh marine environments

Press release   •   May 20, 2016 08:03 GMT

Lighting specialist Glamox has extended its SL40 R5 range of halogen searchlights with a Xenon Norselight version that is suitable for use in harsh marine environments, including Arctic conditions

The new Norselight SL40 R5 Xenon searchlight improves the security of marine vessels by eliminating blind spots and by helping crew members to navigate more safely.

Available in a 1000W version, the Xenon Norselight SL40 R5 is specially designed for vessels that have a demand for high light output and those that operate in harsh winter or icy conditions such as tugs, icebreakers or offshore supply vessels. Norselight searchlights are also used in commercial marine applications to better protect ships from acts of piracy or terrorism.

The design of the SL40 R5 is clean, compact and lightweight, with all components selected to withstand corrosion. The searchlight is designed with an IP56 rating and is approved for temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. Built to satisfy all marine standards, the seawater-resistant aluminium housing and motor enclosure, coupled with excellent heat management, ensure these searchlights provide maximum runtime and a long operating life.

What is unique about the searchlights?The Norselight SL40 R5 has a built-in 1000W Xenon power supply (a 2000W version is also available, but this has an external power supply). During the design and installation phases, designers and installers only need to consider the TA value and IP rating of the searchlight – they don’t need to be concerned about any external power supply for the luminaire. The design of the Xenon version enables easy installation and provides significant cost savings by reducing engineering and by eliminating the following cables and connections:

  • No cable is required between the power source and the external power supply.
  • No cable is required between the power supply and the searchlight.
  • No remote signal cable is required between the searchlight and the power supply.

The SL40 R5 is operated using a simple control panel(s) with a joystick and pushbuttons. The searchlights provide reliable lighting in a wide range of power ratings and voltages.

Other features and benefits
The control system for the SL40 R5 is based on proven conventional electronics and a standard multi-core cable. Each searchlight can be controlled by an unlimited number of main panels. The SL40 R5 can be operated in conjunction with a touchscreen based on the R60 BUS control system. The main panel is delivered with a joystick and pushbuttons for lamp on/off and horizontal/vertical speed adjustment. A version is also available with a ’lamp focus’ function. The main panel is delivered with an IP67 rating (from the front) with a TA from -20°C to +50°C.

Long cable runs
The proven electronics used in the SL40 R5 enables long cable runs. Between control panels and the searchlight, the cable run can be up to 5,000 metres, which simplifies installation and ensures a very flexible system design onboard the vessel.

Quality light output
SL40 R5 searchlights use lamps from top end lamp manufacturers, combined with state-of-the-art silver-plated glass reflector technology, enabling the searchlights to deliver excellent light output for a variety of applications.

Mechanical movement
The SL40 R5 is supplied with a geared motor drive for 360-degree horizontal and 55-degree vertical movements. The gear drive is a unique Norselight design, is sealed for life, providing years of maintenance-free operation in extreme conditions and applications.

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