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Grand Canyon Rafting – Is it on Your Holiday Shopping List?

Press release   •   Dec 13, 2012 20:40 UTC

When making your list for holiday shopping a Grand Canyon raft trip should top it. Imagine giving a “grand” gift, something out of the ordinary, something extraordinary. Give the gift of adventure - a white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon! This holiday season forget the sweater, the new golf clubs or the cruise. Don’t give something that will be the wrong size, forgotten or exchanged. You want to give something they will never forget.

With a Grand Canyon raft trip you can’t miss. It gives you quality time with family and friends, it promotes togetherness and brings old friends together. One outfitter operating in the Canyon, Arizona River Runners, had a rafter who had this to say about their whitewater trip, “The best part was the time spent with my mom and meeting new people from all walks of life; we had a family from Germany on our trip. This was the first time my mom and I experienced white water rafting and camping out! I had a lot of anxiety about the trip but once we got started, it was great! I would recommend to everyone of any age or background.”

Just think you can’t buy the wrong size or color – it’s the grandest Canyon in the world, and the colors are glorious. From the sun rising on the Canyon walls, to the aqua blue of the Little Colorado and to the brilliant blanket of stars at night, the landscapes and vistas are incredible.

It will start the New Year with something to look forward to, something plan for. You can prepare with loved ones for the trip throughout the winter, call friends and talk about what to pack, where to meet, what you’ll be doing and eating. You can look up the Colorado River on a map and find where it flows through the Grand Canyon, where the big rapids are, and where the Little Colorado River is. Imagine sleeping on the sandy shores of the Colorado River, listening to the river sounds as they lull you to sleep.  What a way to start the New Year!

 Rafting through the Grand Canyon can be a cure for stress, and “nature deficit disorder.”  The fresh air of the Canyon, the cold waters of the Mighty Colorado, the side canyon hikes, playing in the waterfalls and cool swimming holes, all add to the excitement of being in nature. There is evidence that getting out in nature helps us by increasing mental health and psychological development in a variety of areas.  Relaxation and stress relief, decreased mental fatigue, increased mental clarity and energy are a few positive results of what nature can offer us.  (Janet Talbot, Stephen Kaplan:  Psychological Laboratories, University of Michigan). Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon will reduce stress, increase physical activity, and give you a peaceful night’s rest at the end of the day.

A Grand Canyon raft trip is more exciting than any new smart phone, tablet, HD 3D TV, or any other electronic gadget. It recaptures a youthful spirit long thought lost. You can play volleyball at Redwall Cavern, a “cave” the size of three football fields. You jump off cliffs into calm pools, or into the Colorado River itself. There’s “shooting “the rapids of the Mighty Colorado an exhilarating adventure itself, and you don’t have to be a spring chicken to take the trip.

Choose a whitewater trip with Arizona River Runners, they do all of the work for guests, providing the most incredible Grand Canyon experience out there – from gourmet meals in camp to top quality gear and equipment and the most experienced, knowledgeable  and entertaining  guides on the river.  Call them to do your holiday shopping today - 1.800.477.7238.

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