GZ-BASEL international fair of contemporary art for artists. 18 -. 22 June 2014 Location: Haupt, Holbeinstrasse 58, 4051 Basel  / CH

Press Release   •   May 30, 2014 12:14 GMT

GZ-BASEL - contemporary art

The fair is just a few tram stops away from the main fairs in Basel (Art Base, Scope, Liste ….) and allow visitors to have a break in a quiet and friendly art fair, where the works are displayed with care and space and where visitors may count with a personalized trade. The entrance is free. You may serve coffee at no costs and you may find real opportunities – with sales prices between 1000 CHF and 15.000 CHF

The names and the works of the participating artists you may find as well at!activities/c199t , but it will be obvious that the most unforgettable experience will be to visit the fair personally and see the variety of works that have been transported from different continents specially to display at GZ-BASEL.

We welcome you all at the opening Wednesday 18 June from 18 to 21 h. with drinks, Shashimi ( by company SALMA) and a great conjunction of art works.

 Location:  Haupt, Holbeinstrasse 58,   4051 Basel  / CH


GaleriaZero - contemporary art

Art exhibitions and artist promotion have been our main activities from 1994.

First as the artists' initiative International Art Collective and from 1997 as a physical and successful art gallery in the center of Barcelona during more than 15 years. International collective art events in China, USA, Canada, Japan and all over in Europe have characterized our career during many years and is still our main goal and activity.The way to do this however is changing considerably. The new technologies, advanced 

PR methods, social media and virtual possibilities are allowing us actually to createdifferent art events with a much higher promotional result.Also the form of creating art events is changing somehow and can be considered as more experimental and innovative - open for any new form or media that may surge.

To maintain the high quality of our exhibitions, all visual artists must enter in a selection procedure before being admitted. 

Once selected, they have the options to form part of prestigious international exhibitionson top locations. ( usually NewYork, London, Paris, Berlin or Asia  ( Hongkong, Shanghai, Tokyo)  But we offer as well a program of individual and collective virtual exhibitions.

The concept of "GZ-affiliation" may be a suitable option to promote internationally without high costs.