Halo My Mood, iPad App, Introduces a New Tactic for Self-help and Mental Power

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2013 13:10 GMT

The concept of Halo my Mood is revolutionary, simply this app helps users control emotions and organize emotional thoughts. The user is required to create circles as thoughts; these thoughts are then coupled with emotions depending on the color chosen, which maps the users conscious thoughts into the tab screen. The real effort is focusing to attach a particular emotion to a circle. The app helps the user focus on emotions and thought by using alpha wave guided voice. Alpha waves are one type of brain waves that put the user in relaxed mental state but focused on instructions and imagination.

In addition to mapping thoughts into the screen to help users understand their state of mind, Halo my Mood also relies on NLP practical exercises. For example, using the NLP Swish technique, the user can take negative emotions into virtual prison cells to diffuse their power. For a successful practice, there is a long introduction to understand the concept and the steps. Mapping mood and emotions concepts is not new and different approaches to this idea has been around for some time; however the idea of controlling these emotions using finger tips on the screen is what this app is trying to prove.

Halo my Mood is free to install and costs only $2 to use the 3 sensory Swish techniques or the Prison Cells. The app is also loaded with great instrumental music as part of the NLP exercises as well as stunning photos to help someone stressed out escape the emotional trap.

This app helps the user to improve their concentration by going to the root of sub conscious mind; the iPad owner can develop control over their mind and increase motivation to reach their goals and objectives.

Probably NLP specialists can review the effectiveness of this app as it utilizes well- known NLP theories and practical exercises.

Halo my Mood, is available now for iOS devices in the App Store at:

About J. Qadan
This app was developed by J. Qadan, NLP practitioner and researcher in Brisbane, Australia, specialized in the area of visualization skills and mind mapping.

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