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Handballstar Tobias Karlsson joins Salming

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2018 14:15 UTC

Tobias Karlsson, Team Captain and left back court in the german Bundesliga team SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Captain of the Swedish National Team 2006-2016 with whom he won a Olympic Silver medal in London 2012, has signed a 2 year contract with Salming.

”I feel confident and excited to join Salmings ongoing journey in handball, from the new kid on the block to an established force to be reckoned with” says Tobias and continues ”Already as a kid Börje Salming, Swedish ice hockey legend and founding father of the brand, was one of my big role models in the world of sports. The brands determination to grow and expand, externalised by the EHF co-operation, and Salmings view on fair play and the world of sports being inclusive in general align very well with my own values, both as a person and professional athlete”.

”What a recruitment for Team Salming! Executed by Salming ambassador and fellow colleague Mattias Andersson” says Thomas Nord, Head of Design & Creative Director Salming Sports, and continues ”To be able to work with the Team Captain of one of the best handball teams in the world and a true role model, is really exciting and we have some very interesting projects in the pipeline”.

”A part from Tobias very impressive track record, he and Salming share the same core values and belief that everybody, no matter gender, religion, colour of skin, sexual orientation - are welcome into the world of sports - we are one! An example of that is how Tobias in his then role as Team Captain of the Swedish National Handball team, stood up for equal pay for equal work supporting his fellow female handball colleagues and their cause in the Swedish National Team, another example is how he has supported the LGBTI community - we are very proud to have him onboard Team Salming!” says Thomas Nord.

”Since 2013 when I came on board as a Salming Ambassador and started working for the brand the commitment responsibility has gradually increased and will do even more so when I end my professional handball career this summer” says Mattias Andersson, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Salming Ambassador and continues ”My role at Salming is to manage the handball ambassadors, social media and together with the team take Salming to the next level. To be able to recruit Tobias, a personal close friend and team mate, make me very proud - I know how committed he is both on and off court and as a role model he is second to none”

Tobias Karlsson merits:

Olympic Silver London 2012

Swedish National Team 2006-2016.

Velux EHF Champions League Champion 2014

Swedish Champion Hammarby 2006, 2007, 2008

German Cup Champion 2015

Player of the Year 2013

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