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High Profits From The Stock Market – Just Pick Chinese

Press Release   •   Oct 04, 2016 12:00 GMT

Investing in Chinese companies in US stock market has been a successful strategy in last 12 months, according to WealthyTec and Flioz, two FinTech startups from Finland. Together they have combined three sample stock portfolios with impressive profit figures to demonstrate this.

In these curated China portfolios they have found over 60% profit for 1-year investment. Single stocks like Weibo (WB) can show even over 150% returns.

Is it really that simple? Just pick Chinese?

Yes and no”, says Jukka Blomberg, the author of the new investment guide ‘How to Profit from China’. “With the negative news around the Chinese economy, one easily forgets there are several sectors in China that are likely to outperform western investment opportunities for decades to come.” As a Founder and CEO of WealthyTec Ltd, he follows and analyses Chinese companies regularly. “The expansion of ‘Chinese internet’ use is one good example; companies like Momo Inc. (MOMO) and Weibo Corp. (WB) have given international investors huge returns in the last few months. Of course you need to find the right trends and have right tools to recognize them.

This is where Flioz comes to the picture. Flioz App is made for finding themes, trends and strategies at stock markets, and comparing them is made easy.

Mika Perttula Co-Founder and CEO of Flioz comments: ”Flioz App is a new way to easily find profitable stock strategies, and it’s a great app for all international investors. Incorporating China investment portfolios made by WealthyTec, is a good example of how we add value to our customers. Just pick any strategy, compare it with others and see yourself if it works.

The China portfolio set – based on the book ‘How to Profit from China’ – is available through the Flioz iOS app.

‘How to Profit from China’ book is available at: www.wealthytec.com/book

In addition, Flioz and WealthyTec have also decided to distribute a limited amount of this investment guide for free. In Flioz app’s ‘Profit from China’ – portfolio page you can read how to get a free copy.

About WealthyTec

WealthyTec is an early stage FinTech start-up based in Helsinki, Finland. We have an Automated Investment Advisor (robo-advisor) with the core focus on Chinese stocks that can be traded by international investors. We aim to make investing in China easier for western investors.

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About Flioz:

Flioz Ltd is a Finnish based Fintech company providing mobile software applications for investors. Flioz app is an investment strategy app for finding successful portfolios. We are a team of finance professionals, designers and software developers dedicated to make investing in stock markets profitable, easy and fun.

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