Incredible Lottery Luck ... Unbelievably Bad Luck and More Luck

Press Release   •   May 25, 2016 06:41 GMT

You would be amazed at some of the twists and turns thrown up in relation to this seemingly simple process, and the amount of bad luck which can befall those who have had the incredibly good luck of winning in the first place. Read on for some unbelievable examples!

Take out the trash ...

Joanne and Joseph Zagmi picked up a lottery ticket along with their groceries. Upon returning home, the put everything away, and took out the bins. Later the same evening, it somehow struck them that the ticket had never showed up. A session of rooting through a dumpster proofed worth a cool $1 million – so I guess there‘s good luck, bad luck and better luck!

Whatever you do, don‘t loose it!

Hakeem Nosiru had taped a lottery ticket worth a staggering £27 million inside the purse of his wife, in order to keep it safe until going in to claim it the following day. Sounds pretty safe, right? Well, it did go terribly wrong. Coming home from a church service they discovered the ticket to be missing and started a frantic search of their house, the local church, garbage bins etc.

Imagine their joy when a good samaritan came knocking on their door, having found the item and followed the address they had written on the lucky ticket.

The $50 million surveillance tape

After this massive jackpot win lay unclaimed for almost a year, an investigation unearthed the unsuspecting winner! Kathryn Jones bought a lottery ticket and lost it soon after, not giving it much more thought.

After being inundated with more than 400 inquiries about the unclaimed jackpot, the operator launched a thorough investigation. With the aid of footage from surveillance tapes and credit card statements, it was established that miss Jones was without a doubt the big winner. 

My dog ate my lottery ticket ...

It sounds like something out of the Simpsons. An American lottery operator did however receive a phone call claiming exactly that. The owner had not established the actual worth of the ticket, but manage to salvage the scraps and piece together the puzzle with the aid of the operators. She received a win of $15.

Another dog owner bought lottery tickets as stocking fillers – and was wise enough to include the dog, who landed a $3 million prize! We‘re sure he will benefit from the good fortune bestowed upon the family, and rightly so! is a service- and information site for lottery players. Our website provides information about the major global lotteries; latest draw results, prize distribution, draw times, Superdraw notifications for EuroMillions and pretty much anything else related to online lottery games that we believe may be of interest for our visitors.