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Japanese Traditional Tea Party to be Held

Press release   •   Nov 25, 2016 11:30 UTC

Kansai Airports announces that a Japanese Traditional Tea Party, “Nodate” style, conducted by students from the WTS networking group , will be held at Kansai International Airport on November 26.

The WTS networking group aims to welcome overseas passengers to the tea ceremony, offering them a traditional taste of Japan. Last year, a large number of visitors participated in the well-received event. This will be an interactive experience for the Japanese tea ceremony students and the foreign tourists, with the students aiming to offer foreign tourists a traditional Japanese experience, and at the same time honing their hospitality skills, which will be in demand as more and more international tourists visit Japan.

During the tea ceremony, the students will explain about some of the key Kansai sightseeing places, such as the Kumano region and Koyasan, which are well-known world-heritage sites in Wakayama prefecture and the Kansai region, and are close to KIX.

Kansai Airports hopes this event appeals as a taste of traditional Japan for foreign passengers arriving at KIX and helps improves the image of KIX. Moreover, through social media, we hope the tourists will share their experiences to a global audience.

Details are:

 Saturday, November 26, 2016 9:00~17:00 ※Served while it lasts.


  • Nodate Tea Ceremony: Nodate is a Japanese tea ceremony held in the open air. College students will serve Japanese tea and accompanying sweets to passengers. Passengers will also be able to try and make green tea themselves if they wish.
  • Japanese traditional Heian costumes: College students dressed in traditional Heian era costumes and in Furisode (formal kimono worn by unmarried women, with long sleeves) will welcome passengers, offering photo opportunities for the tourists. Heian costumes were worn by noble ladies when they visited Kumano Shrine in Wakayama in the Heian period (794 ~1185AD).
  • Koto (Japanese Harp) concert: Tourists can participate in the tea ceremony with the background music from Koto musicians.

○Event held by:
  Organizer:WTS networking group(Student educational association)
  Cooperation:Kansai Airports
  Supported by:Japan Tourism Agency

 Center of the 1st floor, Terminal Building 1, Kansai International Airport
 Event space in front of Kansai Tourist Information Center

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