Jawfin Developments Updates its Critically-Acclaimed No-Cost Android App “Solitaire 3D” with HD Graphics, Online Leaderboard & User-Definable Images

Press Release   •   Sep 30, 2014 22:08 GMT

Smartphone users around the world who love playing Jawfin Developments’ critically- acclaimed no-cost app Solitaire 3D, can now head to Google Play and download the latest update that offers HD graphics, an online Leaderboard, and user-definable images of both card backings and backdrops.

Featuring amazingly crisp and colorful graphics that bring both smartphone and tablet device screens to life, Solitaire 3D features an array of stunning visual effects and other graphic enhancements, including: animation speed, motion blur, shadows, colored highlights, and several cool background choices. Plus, there’s a spectacular winning sequence that will surely put an ever bigger smile on a triumphant user’s face.

In addition, unlike many other solitaire apps that are easy to master and quickly become boring, Solitaire 3D has been designed with multiple difficulty levels to keep users interested, challenged and engaged hour after hour. There are also three exciting game modes: Normal, Vegas, or No Scoring (with 1 or 3 card dealing). And while every game of Solitaire 3D is crafted to be fun and challenging, each one is 100% solvable.

Other Solitaire 3D special features include:

• An online high score leaderboard - NEW
• User-defined deck images - NEW
• User-defined backdrops - NEW
• Solutions to help users escape tricky situations (available at no-cost!)
• The option to replay any game
• Smart card and automatic animated play
• Left or right hand dealing
• Ordering of the Ace bases
• Intuitive controls to easily move cards via drag-and-drop or point-and-click
• A history feature that is easily accessible via the Redo and Undo options
• The option to download new decks (Pro version - requires Internet access and
external storage)

“This latest update of Solitaire 3D takes the app to a whole new level, and it’s remarkable to reflect on how far things have come since it launched in 2011,” commented Jonathan Barton of Jawfin Developments. “I’d particularly like to thank users around the world who continue to send me feedback and ideas, which I rely on to make ongoing improvements.”

The newly-updated Solitaire 3D is available now from Google Play at The pro (paid) version is available at

Additional app information is available at, and a video trailer is available at

For all other information, including media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of 411 Jawfin Developments at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

About Jawfin Developments

Led by self-taught programmer Jonathan Barton, Jawfin Developments is an Australian- based app development firm with a growing roster of titles, including: Solitaire 3D, Snap, Swipeout, Sim and Dots and Dashes.