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Kansai Airports Names New Terminal Complex for LCCs.

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2016 10:13 GMT

Kansai Airports today announced that the new terminal will be called “Terminal 2 International’, complementing the existing part of the Terminal 2 complex which will be called “Terminal 2 Domestic.” The expanded terminal will offer Low Cost Carrier (LCC) flights to an increasing number of domestic and international routes.

Passengers using the Terminal 2 Complex, will easily be able to identify their correct check in areas through clear signage denoting “Terminal 2 Domestic” (the existing Terminal 2) and “Terminal 2 International” (the new addition to Terminal 2). The car park will be expanded to increase spaces for customer use. Bus stops will be increased, allowing for two arrivals and two departure stops. This will enable ease of navigation for users and will add to the enhanced passenger experience being offered by Kansai Airports, giving time back to passengers as they use Kansai Airports for their travel.

The expansion of Kansai International Airport Terminal 2 will enhance the customer experience with the latest designs in airport retail, as well as advanced security Smart Lane System which will reduce congestion 9please refer to separate press release.

The new Terminal 2 Complex, which will be divided into Terminal 2 International and Terminal 2 Domestic, The completion of the Terminal 2 International building will add 36,000 square meters to the Terminal 2 Complex, bringing the total size to 66,000 square meters, and has the capacity to handle 2,850,000 customers a year on international routes, and 5,500,000 customers on domestic routes. Additionally the expansion will add another 11 airport terminal gates for aircraft, bringing the total to 21. The changes to the parking area will allow for another 700 cars, increasing the capacity to 1,600. (This car park expansion started in April 2016.)

Diagram of Expanded Terminal 2

The departure area of the Terminal 2 International building will offer a new “walk through” concept for shopping, the first in Japan. Duty free will be at the center surrounded by some shops, restaurants, and ATM and money exchange services. This new design will allow more time to customers to shop and eat, after proceeding through the new stream-lined Smart Security System and Immigration.

Walk Through Image 

Shop Images

Restaurant Images

About Kansai Airports

As of April 1, 2016, Kansai Airports succeeded the right of operating Kansai International Airport (“KIX”) and Osaka International Airport (“ITM”) from New Kansai International Airport Company (“NKIAC”) and commenced its business as an operating company for the two airports. Kansai Airports was established by a consortium made up of VINCI Airports and ORIX Corporation as its core members.

Kansai Airports shares the common goal of maximizing the potential of the Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport, improving services to passengers and give the highest priority of safety and security, investment to enhance safety, convenience and comfort to increase value, as well as enhancing community relations in the neighborhoods of the airports and benefiting the Kansai regional economy.

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