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Leading Swedish universities adopt heat-stabilization technology

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2012 08:42 UTC

Denator AB announced today that cancer and pain research groups at three of Sweden’s leading universities; CREATE Health at the Division of Protein Technology at Lund University, the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet and the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Linköping University, have chosen to integrate heat stabilization of tissues samples, utilizing the company’s Stabilizor™ system, into the upstream sample preparation of their analytical workflows.

The research group of Prof. Peter James at CREATE Health develop better methods for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, based on identified biomarkers and molecular signatures. This work requires rapid and permanent preservation of the molecular components present at the time of tissue excision. Prof. James commented on the incorporation of the Stabilizor system into their workflow: “At last we have a solution to be able to preserve phosphorylated proteins in clinical samples.”

The research group of Assistant Professor Camilla Svensson at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet center their efforts on the study of mechanisms that regulate pain signaling, with a particular focus on pain processing in the spinal cord and communication between neurons and glia in the central nervous system. Their aim is to pinpoint novel targets for the development of new pain therapeutics.

Dr. Robert Ihnatko, who is managing the proteomics branch in the group of Prof. Anders Blomqvist at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at Linkoping University, will use the Stabilizor system to preserve the phosphorylation states in tissue samples in order to identify proteins and phosphoproteins in the research area of brain signaling affected by cancer and inflammation.

Olof Sköld, CEO at Denator, states: “We are delighted that these three research groups have demonstrated such confidence in our system. It is our firm belief that heat stabilization will bring additional value to the important research performed by these groups. We look forward with anticipation to the results stemming from the use of heat stabilization.”

A growing number of peer-reviewed publications, particularly from protein research laboratories, demonstrates the increased acceptance of Denator’s proprietary heat-stabilization technique as an essential step in upstream sample preparation. Scientists use the company’s Stabilizor™ system to instantly and permanently stop biological changes, thereby preventing the enzymatic processes that alter protein states and cause sample degradation. Heat-stabilized tissue samples can be analyzed downstream without risk of sample degradation or changes in protein and peptide profiles.


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Denator AB is a privately held biotech company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Denator develops and markets products that stabilize biological tissues and fluids from the moment of sampling. Stabilization and standardization of sampling processes upstream significantly enhances the quality of data obtained from analytical techniques used downstream. Based upon the company’s proprietary heat inactivation technology platform, Denator is developing solutions that enable scientists to stop sample degradation instantly and so maintain the stability of sample components throughout the analytical workflow.

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