Let the royal dolphin beautify your doors

Press release   •   Jun 19, 2019 09:14 CEST

The dolphin as an elegant door handle

The Dolphin is an iconic motif that has beautified doors for many centuries. This has been in the form of door handles and elegant door knockers.

Over time, the dolphin has been considered as a rescuing marine animal, which was both intelligent and elegant. In the Greco-Roman mythology and in Christianity there are many old stories about how dolphins have helped seafarers in need and how the dolphin leads the souls of the dead to their place of salvation.

The generous dolphin

The dolphin is also a French throne follower symbol, and this is actually the background for the dolphin door handle which is so popular today. Because of the symbolism, the dolphin handle was created and placed on castles and mansions around Europe.

The dolphin handle can still be found in Christian VIII's Palace in Copenhagen, which was built in 1750-1760. In the palace, the handle beautifies The Pompeian Gemak, which in the past was used as a bedroom by eg. Inheritance Prince Frederik and by both of Christian 8.'s wives (Princess Charlotte Frederikke and Queen Caroline Amalie). Today, the castle is home to Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte.

Available in many variations

The dolphin handle is currently produced by Søe-Jensen & Co., who make the dolphin handle from the original models via the authentic sand casting technique.

Today, the dolphin can be obtained as a main door handle, indoor handle, door hammer and as a terrace and window handle (an espagnolette). You often see the dolphin in brass, but the handle can also be made in chrome, nickel, browned brass and copper to suit your particular interior design style in your property.

The dolphin is (along with the walrus and whale) popular by summer home owners, residents of classic mansions and families with children, who use the door handles for decorating children's rooms, playhouses, annexes, bathrooms, but of course also the rest of the house. Many choose to let the dolphin handle beautify the front door or one special door in the house, such as the bathroom door or the door to the children's room.

Find the dolphin handle here.

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