Lightweight is not enough – Fjällräven launches new prize-winning tent collection

Press Release   •   Jan 27, 2016 15:28 GMT

Fjällräven has been working on the perfect balance between low weight and reliability for decades. Now the outdoor company is releasing a new, upgraded tent collection for the spring of 2016 with tents that are lighter than ever. But not unnecessarily light, because as always, Fjällräven tents come with a high level of durability, reliability and sustainability. With newly developed materials, an innovative dual-fabric construction and practical features, these newcomers perform not only on the scales but also in the wilderness. The new collection has already drawn attention by winning prestigious awards.

Fjällräven’s tents have been appreciated for their easy handling and practical features for decades.The company is releasing a totally new tent collection this spring, where every detail has been upgraded. Behind the 16 new models is a huge development project where every part of every tent has been examined and trimmed down to save weight without compromising durability and reliability in the slightest.

“We saw a possibility to further improve functionality and sustainability by using new materials and innovative detail solutions.We also wanted to make choosing a tent as easy as possible. Now we have a simple system with a clear division between our two tent families, Abisko and Keb”, says Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius, product developer at Fjällräven and head of the new tent collection.

Innovative dual-fabric construction

Among the foremost changes are new high-performance TripleRip nylon and a new, innovative dual-fabric construction. By combining fabrics with different thicknesses in the flysheet – with tougher fabric in the sections that are exposed to higher wear from the ground, branches and packing, and lighter fabric in the less exposed sections – very high strength is achieved while total weight is kept down.

The new tents are also on the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability in their production.

“All new models have fluorocarbon-free impregnation for the inner tent. We have also totally avoided PVCs and flame-retardants.And our suppliers of poles and pegs have managed to create a sustainable method for anodizing aluminium. Another important sustainability aspect is life span and our nylon fabrics have double layers of silicon on each side giving a total of four layers, which gives them high strength and durability," says Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius.

Models for every need

Fjällräven has always placed user-friendliness high on the agenda and these new tents have many details that make tent life both safer and more comfortable. The flysheet and inner tent are connected making pitching easy, and new external pole sleeves have room for double sets of poles (an accessory) for extra safety in stormy conditions. Static guylines in Dyneema, poles and pegs from world-leading DAC and strong, auto-locking zippers all add to creating tents that perform in the wilderness.

With the two families, the collection is also more specialised that earlier:

The Abisko series has the lightest tents that suit most types of outdoor life.There is a large selection of models that work all year round, unless you plan to tent in the winter in exposed conditions.

The Keb series is designed for tougher conditions and is perfect when you want to have extra strength, durability and reliability all year round. Keb has fewer models, but all of them are designed for winter use and tenting in exposed terrain, for example above the treeline in the mountains.

Straight onto the podium

The new tents have been tested on treks in many different climates – humid rain forests, hot, dry alpine areas, the Scandinavian mountains in the summer and winter – and received many positive reactions from Fjällräven’s test team. The preview feedback from the media and outdoor industry has also been positive.

Abisko Shape 2 has already been presented with an OutDoor Industry Award, one of the leading international design prizes in the outdoor industry.

It was the new lightweight fabrics, new design and flexible features that caught the judging panel’s attention. The tent has exceptional ventilation that can be changed to suit different conditions as the flysheet can be rolled up from both ends to let in air and views during hot summer weather, and the vestibule door can be fastened in a half-open position – without the zipper creeping in high winds – for ventilation without risking rain getting into the sleeping area. Abisko Shape 2 is suitable for trekkers who appreciate low weight but who still want a lot of space in the vestibule.The model is also available in a three-man version.

The next step from Abisko and Keb tents is Polar Endurance 3, a true expedition tent for Arctic climates that will be launched in the autumn of 2016. It has been presented with an ISPO Award at the international winter sport show ISPO in Munich.

ABISKO SHAPE 2 Pack volume: Length 40 cm, diameter: 16 cm, Weight: 2 320 g, with a minimum weight (flysheet, inner tent and poles) of 1 900 g, Colours: UN Blue, Pine Green, Sand.

KEB ENDURANCE 3 Pack volume :Length 44 cm, diameter: 19 cm. Weight: 4 130 g, with a minimum weight (flysheet, inner tent and poles) of 3 420 g, Colours: UN Blue, Pine Green.


In 1960, Åke Nordin founded Fjällräven in his basement in the town of Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden. Today the company's timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment enjoys a global presence and can be found in over 30 countries. Fjällräven's product range comprises outdoor clothing and accessories for men and women as well as backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.

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