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Ljungbergs Factory launches Christmas with Stig Lindberg

Press Release   •   Nov 01, 2013 11:14 GMT

Ljungbergs Factory has launched a wonderful collection 'Christmas with Stig Lindberg'  with the classic patterns Fruktlåda and Tallyho in beautiful new red Christmas colours..
Additionally, the Christmas collection includes the storytelling pattern Lustgården. The patterns are to be found on Christmas linen, table runners, kitchen towels, trays, cushion covers and fabric.

Stig Lindberg himself loved Christmas and was very passionate about it.Read our interview with his son Lars about his childhood Christmases with his father:

Stig Lindberg loved Christmas and embraced the holidays with same devotion and desire as he did with any other mission.
His son, Lars Lindberg, remembers his childhood Christmases: 

"The decoration of the house started on the morning of Christmas Eve when the big red cloth was put on to the dining table. The only other decoration that was allowed prior to Christmas Eve, was a ceramic candlestick that Dad displayed on the first Sunday of December, "Första Advent" in Swedish. 
Dad worked hard and intense with his decoration and stayed very focused. He could finally relax when everything was set, and we were sitting around the table  with the family on Christmas Eve.

Although he was strict about that the fact that the Christmas celebrations should not start before the 24th of December, he himself was busy with the Christmas preparations months before. Lots of the items that he designed for use in our home, later came in commercial production. We for example made ginger biscuits in an unmistakeable Stig Lindberg to use as decorations on our Christmas tree, these biscuits were then made in ceramic a few years later. He also made some very neat angels in paper which bares a resemblance of the figures in the pattern  "Lustgården" (=Garde of Eden), that is still in production today.

Dad was also involved in a process which stretched through the months of the autumn, when he drew and wrote Christmas greeting cards. It was hundreds of cards every year which had to be sent to friends and business people all over the world. As a child I found it very fun to be a part of the process, helping out putting stamps on the envelopes. Our home had the look of a post office the weeks before Christmas."

All Christmas products are available for sale in Ljungbergs Factory's online store at: ljungbergsfactory.com and in our  own stores in Floda and Rydboholm in Sweden

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