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Mentice Sweden signs Partnership Agreement with UCC’s ASSERT

Press Release   •   Jan 22, 2016 10:00 GMT

University College Cork’s ASSERT Centre ( Application of Science to Simulation based Education and Research on Training), which is the only location worldwide developing proficiency-based progression training programmes for the medical sector, has today announced that it has signed a foundation partnership agreement with Mentice AB, Gothenburg, Sweden, a world leader in cardiovascular and endovascular healthcare simulation training.

Today’s announcement represents a substantial commitment to ASSERT by Mentice in a multi-million Euro deal over a five year period. The collaboration will advance procedural skills training for all healthcare professionals by ensuring that medical training is effective and relevant.

Professor Anthony G. Gallagher, Director of Research at the ASSERT Centre has been the leading proponent for the conception, design and development of proficiency based training over the past 20 years. Ground breaking research in the US led by Professor Gallagher has proven that this method of training is superior to the 100 year old apprenticeship model for surgical training, which has been seen as the long-standing gold standard worldwide. ASSERT will seek to combine sophisticated cutting edge simulation with the academic and practical implementation of training to proficiency. This sets new and desired benchmarks in the procedural skills training arena which bridges the critical and largely unmet training need for the surgeons and physicians of today and tomorrow.

Commenting on the announcement, Göran Malmberg CEO and Group President of Mentice states that “ASSERT and Mentice share the vision that high fidelity simulation combined with deliberate practice to a defined objective is the path to tackle the challenges facing skills acquisition in healthcare over the next couple of decades. We are excited about the opportunity to work together with ASSERT to change this.”

Professor Anthony G. Gallagher comments that “The medical community, at large, has confirmed the relevance of simulation for training but a significant part of the learning curve is still performed in the clinical practice on patients. This is obviously not ideal and we intend to provide scientific evidence in order to move to regulation where defined skills levels are achieved and validated in a safe simulated environment away from patients. This in our opinion will change the world of healthcare.”

The common goal of Mentice and ASSERT is to deliver better and safer healthcare through the application of the latest technological capacities combined with academic excellence. ASSERT provides a complete set of education and training facilities: internal and external high fidelity simulation suites (including operating theatres, wards and role players), e-learning laboratories and a multifunctional laboratory suitable for all forms of simulation based training.

The signing of the ASSERT/UCC and Mentice AB Foundation Partnership Agreement took place in the President’s Office, UCC.

Photographed were (seated l-r) Dr. Michael Murphy, UCC President, Mr. Lawrence D. Howell, Chairman, Mentice AB and Mr. Goran Malmberg, CEO & President, Mentice AB. Standing (l-r): Dave Power, Centre Manager, ASSERT Centre, Audrey Huggard, Solicitor, UCC, Nora Geary, Deputy Corporate Secretary, UCC, Dr. Peter Kearney, Cardiologist, CUH, Angela Crowley, Business Manager, ASSERT Centre and Professor Tony Gallagher , Director of Research, ASSERT.

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  • Mentice is a world leader in medical simulation, providing qualified solutions for training, education and assessment opportunities. With a focus on minimally invasive techniques and procedures, Mentice develops simulation systems for training in a safe environment within the fields of endovascular intervention and minimally invasive surgery. The advantages of training with Mentice solutions are well documented enhancing clinical performance, reducing cost, and, in the long term, improving patient safety.
  • ASSERT (Application of Science-based Education and Research on Training) at University College improves patient care by enabling health professionals and trainees to engage in the deliberate practice of skills to predefined proficiency standards in simulated clinical settings.