OktoberFist ApS

Nanotech Scientists Develop Revolutionary Beer Drinking Glove

Press release   •   Jun 01, 2015 20:24 UTC

Not since the invention of the beer glass has anything as revolutionary happened to the beer drinkers of the world as the launch of The OktoberFist™. “What is The OktoberFist?” one might ask. Well it’s so novel that a new word had to be invented for it. Some call it ”genius” others call it a ”beer glove” but most agree that it’s an awesome combination between style and function. The OktoberFist has 3 features:

  1. The OktoberFist is specially designed to provide comfort and support when the wearer is drinking his or her favorite brew from the iconic 1 liter (34 oz.) beer steins (the Maβ or Mass glass) used at the German beer festivals and bars around the country.
  2. The Oktoberfist has a visual appearance and fine leather materials that emulates the traditional south German folk clothes, the Lederhosen (leather pants) that have become synonymous with beer festivals. Wearing an OktoberFist immediately gives you the leg up when it comes to standing out in a crowd and is a great icebreaker in a social setting*. *(Yes, we mean a bar and yes the icebreaker is often asked is “how did you injure your hand” but at least you are now talking to the cute man or woman. Now and the rest is up to you.)
  3. The Oktoberfist has a practical pocket mounted on the wrist which allows for safe storage of your cards and cash while at the same time giving you easy access when the beer maid rocks up with your beer. You don’t want to keep her waiting. Also, it has the added bonus of allowing you to wake up after a night out with your money on you even if you have lost your pants. A shockingly frequent occurrence.

Background:The Oktoberfist is designed by two engineers with Ph.D.’s in nanotechnology and distinguished careers in academia and industry. Two years ago after a particularly fun night at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany the two scientists realized they had developed a bit of a drinking problem. No. Not alcoholism. But more a physical discomfort to their hands from the lifting of the large beer glases (5 lb when full. Including foam). With their skills within product design and rapid prototyping and a passion for beer, they spent the next two years developing their design to what is now the ultimate beer drinking accessory. A lot of testing also went into it too. Now, in association with Lemonsqueeze, New York, (www.lemonsqueeze.com) the team is launching The OktoberFist on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter.com. http://kck.st/1JTGRar

The OktoberFist is lederhosen for your hand. Based on the traditional Bavarian folk attire, lederhosen, the OktoberFist keeps you awesome whilst you drink a beer in three specific ways:

1. Comfort: designed to provide support and protection to your hand, you can raise the heaviest of beer glasses with The OkotberFist.

2. Pocket: don't spent precious minutes searching through your pants, jacket, or bag looking for cash. Just reach into the integrated pocket and pay up!

3. Style: modeled after traditional lederhosen, everybody will know your drinking hand means business. Perfect for any occasion.