New “Age of Wind 3” Action & Adventure Game Featured by Apple in the App Store "Best New Games" Category Worldwide.

Press Release   •   May 08, 2014 12:13 GMT

Fans of Deemedya’s massively popular “Age of Wind” action and adventure game series – including Age of Wind 2, which was named by as an Editor’s Pick -- can now prepare to set sail on a spectacular new voyage, now that Age of Wind 3 has been released in the App Store. The highly-anticipated game is optimized for iPad and iPhone, and available now.

With mind-blowing 3D graphics and spectacular sound, Age of Wind 3 lets gamers choose from a wide selection of exciting quests and play initially as a shrewd and utterly ruthless pirate captain named “Captain Jack”, before sailing the seas as his trusty First Mate Orlando as the story develops over a massive game map featuring more than 35 unique Caribbean tropical island ports.

Along their journey to dominate land and sea, gamers must develop their own strategic routes, build their fleet of magnificent ships, and amass exotic goods that can be traded for a huge variety of ultra-cool weapons to battle deadly villains.

And speaking of battles: thanks to the game’s advanced AI, the battle scenes are out of this world and must be seen to be truly appreciated. And when they need a break from plundering, battling and exploring, gamers can enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation in the tavern, complete with a cup of rum and a few games of dice.

Plus, Age of Wind 3 has an extraordinary social feature that lets gamers loot gold from other Facebook players – or, if they aren’t careful, have their precious plunder stolen from their own coffers. It’s a whole new level of competition that adds fun and excitement to an already heart-pumping experience.

“Our fans around the world have high expectations, and we spent thousands of hours on Age of Wind 3 to make sure that it is mind-blowing, exciting and super addictive,” commented Doron Kagan of Deemedya. “And now that it’s finally here, gamers can lift anchor, set sail, and put their strategic skills to the test to see if they can dominate land and sea!”

Age of Wind 3, the new action and adventure game that will amaze and impress gamers – whether they’re new to the Age of Wind franchise or have been addicted to them for years – is available now in the App Store at:

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