New App “Nano Mania” from KROGNI Blends Art and Science to Create Addictive, Challenging and Fun New Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Press release   •   Jan 07, 2014 13:00 UTC

iOS and Android users looking for a totally different gaming experience that brilliantly blends science and art, can now download Nano Mania from KROGNI and get ready for hour after hour of addictive, challenging and fun gameplay.

Unlike ordinary and forgettable arcade-style apps, Nano Mania lets users create a unique experience that promises to be different every time -- and from every other player.

Gameplay is intuitive and elegant: users must influence the behavior of nanoparticles (atoms) by skilfully charging, exploding, shrinking or splitting them. If they’re successful in their efforts, they’ll be able to charge enough atoms to create nano fuel molecules, and use them to launch their rocket and blast off to the next level.

Along the way, users are engaged by stunning HD graphics, and a very cool electronica-inspired soundtrack that can be muted for late-night marathon gaming sessions. They can also keep a watchful eye on their score, and toggle between multiple languages, including English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Russian.

“With Nano Mania, we wanted to create something that iOS and Android users would find enjoyable and challenging -- instead of repetitive and boring,” commented Egor Krupnov of KROGNI. “At the same time, we wanted to introduce a cool scientific element to the gaming experience, which is totally missing from most arcade games. It’s the perfect app for users of all ages, and we’ll be adding new, exciting features and updates all the time!” 

Nano Mania, the unique arcade game that blends art and science in a challenging, addictive and fun new way, is available from App Store at, and from Google Play at

KROGNI develops next generation games for iOS and Android mobile devices that feature exciting action, unique gameplay, bright humor and funny game characters.

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