New collection depicts mans struggle to understand mother nature and the modern world

Press release   •   Jun 02, 2014 10:36 UTC

The digital world is making it hard for the modern man to connect with nature. Whether living 50 miles from civilization or in the center of a thriving capital city, we all share a connection with each other and the world around us. Benjamin Webb, Interior Design Graduate from Kingston University, celebrates the relationship between these two realities in a new collection, Almanac, forecasting mans struggle to understand mother nature and the modern world.

The duality of modern life

The Almanac collection is all about the duality of modern life and finding the balance. ”The collection sets out to express, inspire and push boundaries between on-grid and off-grid through a range of multilayered designs and colourways,” Benjamin Webb says. Describing the feeling of the collection Benjamin Webb further elaborates: “Climb above tree tops and leafy terrain, wander through electric avenues and explore a birds-eye-view of our ever changing environment.” 

About the designer

Interior designer by trade Benjamin Webb now works alongside Architect Andy Martin heading up the Super Futures brand launched earlier this year. As an Interior Design Graduate from Kingston University with 7 years of experience, Benjamin Webb knows design. However, developing a carpet collection together with ege carpets has been a new experience for the young designer. “A lot of people go “hmm” when you say carpets. They immediately picture boring design, which are both messy and dirty. But that is not the case. It is actually a very clever material to use in a design context,” he says.

Hotels, leisure and so much more

When asked where he could picture his carpet designs, Benjamin Webb says, “A lot of the work I have done especially with regards to interior design is leisure based, and the places I work with might be comfort areas as well. Lobbies, large lobby areas, generally large scale areas with lots of impact. So having the Almanac designs on a large scale would work really well. The idea with the designs is you can have it as fractured or as solid as possible really, which means you can use it pretty much anywhere.”

Experience Almanac

Almanac is to be launched at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week in London at the ege carpets showroom on Britton Street, where you can experience the designs as different floor coverings, displays and installations.

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