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​New data on use of TIGR® Matrix surgical mesh in Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Press release   •   Apr 12, 2016 13:28 UTC

New data on use of TIGR® Matrix surgical mesh in Immediate Breast Reconstruction

A new clinical study evaluating the role of TIGR® Matrix in immediate implant-based breast reconstruction has been published ahead of print by the journal Breast Cancer Management.

The study, a single-center, post-procedure investigation, monitored the safety and performance of TIGR® Matrix in adult patients suitable for immediate implant breast reconstruction following skin-sparing mastectomy.

TIGR® Matrix was used in 29 patients undergoing a total of 37 mastectomies and immediate reconstructions. Indications for mastectomy were breast cancer in 29 cases and BRCA 1 or 2 mutations in eight cases.

Early postoperative results showed no adverse reactions to the mesh as well as good tissue integration. The author, Dr Peter Schrenk, Linz, Austria concluded that TIGR® Matrix surgical mesh fulfilled many desired characteristics and requirements for use in implant-based breast reconstruction.

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TIGR® Matrix surgical mesh is a slowly degradable synthetic surgical mesh that contributes mechanical strength until the body itself recreates tissue strength. It is then excreted through natural pathways. TIGR® Matrix is used today in a variety of surgical application areas to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists.

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