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New op5 Monitor 7.0 combines unified monitoring with log handling

Press Release   •   Sep 10, 2014 12:35 GMT

op5 today launches op5 Monitor 7.0 with fully integrated logserver functionality. The new op5 Monitor gives IT administrators a unified view of data from multiple sources, also in hybrid networks, with improved support for debugging, root cause analysis and proactive performance monitoring.

According to research firm Gartner, a majority of today’s IT organizations use six or more monitoring tools in parallel to keep control of their IT environment. 25% of IT managers even operate with more than 10 tools. To answer to the challenge in managing the highly complex and dynamic environments, op5 is launching op5 Monitor 7.0. With the new release op5 Monitor can act as a logserver with structured central storage of log messages. 

“Gartner’s finding that only two enterprises out of ten take benefit from using centralized log analysis to support their availability management, mirrors our own experience from working with many leading IT organizations during the past ten years. Most IT-departments turn to their syslogs only when things have already gone bad, but fail to consult the logs in their overall monitoring, to proactively avoid problems,” says Jan Josephson, CTO at op5.

 Syslogs and traps share the benefit of being easily available from most systems, applications and cloud-based services, in many cases being the only way to obtain full information on what has happened in an individual system. By integrating logs into the unified monitoring platform op5 Monitor Enterprise, via the central logserver, IT staff will get a consolidated view of data from all these multiple sources.

“Fully including log data in the unified monitoring application, with same GUI, greatly improves the possibilities for sysadmins to proactively and automatically keep track of all systems and services. The integrated logserver also makes it easier the access log messages to gain in-depth information about alarms that have been triggered on a central level, supporting root cause analysis and debugging,” explains Jan Josephson. 

 op5 Monitor 7.0 also include further enhancements to support smart-filtering of availability data and the introduction of a number of new plug-ins. To support continuous updates of the op5 Monitor user documentation all manuals have been made available online. 

op5 offers server monitoring solutions that help IT gain control over their operations and deliver IT-services for better business. The product monitors everything from a small but business critical IT environment to fulfilling the needs for the very largest organization with distributed hardware, applications and services. op5 customers around the world appreciate fully supported solutions that are open and easy to get started with, yet flexible for future needs. 

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