News Aggregation App “Pipes - Track the things you love" Allows Users To Track Topics Exclusive To Their Interests - Available Now For iPhone, iPad and Android.

Press release   •   Oct 07, 2014 14:00 UTC

Launched by Doodle Creatives, “Pipes - Track the things you love” enables users to track topics, or “Pipes”, exclusive to their interests. Everyone can stay up-to-date with topics such as Kim Kardashian, Manchester United, Apple Watch, or even Game of Thrones - users can edit or add “Pipes” as their interests evolve.

With over 1,500 handpicked sources from across the globe, “Pipes - Track the things you love& provides users with all the information they need. Moreover, information is not restricted to news, as the Wikipedia section allows users to read about the history of their favourite topics. Additionally, users can stay updated with the latest buzz around social media, with a swipe taking them to the Twitter feed of their Pipe.

Pipes' new update also comes with Summary. In a world where there's so much clutter and inundation of information, Summarized bite sized content offers the perfect out to content overload.

No more do users need to find themselves reading the full article, Summary's here. And nope, this isn't stitched together by an editing team. Pipes' summary algorithm intertwines both extraction & abstraction based NLP (Natural Language Programming).

Automatic push notifications, part of most apps today, are intriguing initially, but get bothersome by the day. Hence, Pipes gives its users the one-of-a-kind power to customise push notifications, allowing users to decide which topics to receive updates on and also how many times a day.

Articles can be bookmarked, or shared via text message, WhatsApp, Email, Google+, Twitters and Facebook. Everyone can share articles with friends and colleagues, or even boast about what’s trending - as a simple shake of the devices shows the currently trending Pipes.

In addition, the app is powered by a minimalistic and beautiful UI, giving users an all-round experience.

An avid Apple fan, Vinay Anand, co-founder of Doodle Creatives, said, &We really felt the need to personalise news. With so much clutter doing the rounds, you really need a filter to curate what you care about, and Pipes was mine.” On a competitive front, Siddharth Goliya, also co-founder, explained, “With personalised news, we are sure we can carve a space for ourselves and co-exist with other apps users.”

“Pipes - Track the things you love” is available now for iPhone and iPad via the App Store at:

A dedicated Android version is also available from Google Play at:

For further information or media inquiries, contact Vinay Anand at or

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