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Northern lights tourism rising to new heights

Press Release   •   Dec 11, 2013 11:02 GMT

The northern lights are attracting increasing numbers of people to Abisko who want to experience the fascinating dance across the winter sky.  From every corner of the globe they come to watch and photograph the beauty of Aurora Borealis, which is its international name.

The Aurora Sky Station got the third price of TRIP Global Award 2013 for "The best Experience in Sweden". Hotels in Abisko are even more booked this coming winter season thanks to the steady rise in northern lights tourism and in just a few days, yet another place to stay will be opening its doors for the season. Aurora Sky Station continues to draw plenty of attention. CNN Travel has ranked it as one of the best places on Earth to see Aurora borealis.

“Even last winter was a really great season”, says Peter Rosén, professional northern lights photographer who has lived in Abisko since 1999. And this winter has every indication of being even better. For 2013-2014, the solar activity is expected to reach a maximum, meaning we can expect more powerful aurora displays. And 7-8 of December we expect Auroras to be visible even far south due to a stream of solar wind flowing from the a large coronal hole on the sun.

This season has had a spectacular start with plenty of beautiful auroras, one exceptionally breathtaking show filled the sky when a large Japanese film team recently visited Kiruna to produce an hour-long film for Japanese TV.

“We were incredibly lucky! Their final night along the Torne River offered some of the most beautiful auroras I’ve seen this past autumn and under a few hours I captured an amazing 7 000 images for their film”, says Peter. He will be the main person in the film, as northern lights expert and photographer. The film will be broadcast around Christmas for a viewing audience of about ten million. About the same time there will be a direct flight from Tokyo landing in Kiruna just before Christmas with Japanese tourists.

Peter Rosén has just released his first film about the Aurora that you are welcome to see on Vimeo ( The images are taken during the past three years in Abisko and Swedish Lapland. Now I will continue working on a longer film that is expected to be launched next winter.

Peter Rosén has really felt the effects of the increasing number of tourists. Last year he had guests from 18 different nations on his Aurora borealis photography courses in Abisko and this winter he has even more reservations. He will be hiring two professional photographers to meet the popular demand for his eventing courses for visitors in Abisko. Photographers Ylva Sarri and Anette Niia, both Sami, will weave together their knowledge of night and aurora photography with stories about the Sami culture.

About Peter Rosén

My background includes my years as a researcher at Umeå University as associate professor in environmental science. I came to Abisko as a researcher in 1999 and produced my first slideshow about auroras in 2001. Since then I have spent hundreds of nights under spectacular starry skies learning first-hand the art of how to best capture the auroras.  They are my passion. I am a “bon vivant”, I enjoy life’s little pleasures, especially the outdoor life, and after 14 years in Abisko still love the seducing dance of Aurora borealis across the winter sky. 

My deep-rooted interests in nature, outdoor life and photography have now become my career. I photograph and arrange courses on aurora, nature and wildlife photography for people from around the globe. My background as a biologist and researcher mean that I happily share what I know about the nature of Lapland and how climate changes affect everything in this subarctic region. My photography courses usually have a Sami theme since the majority of my guests are really interested in learning more about the native Scandinavian population. I also work closely with Nutti Sámi Siida, a Sami company that offers genuine Sami experiences.

Last winter, together with Lisa Holmström, I launched my first book “Aurora Borealis in Lapland” through my own publishing company. The book is available in English, Swedish and German and has already sold almost 6 000 copies. Shortly I will be releasing my first e-book, “Aurora Borealis – the Science, Folklore & How to Photograph the Aurora”, and hope for an equal success. This e-book makes it so much easier to reach my international customers. 

On my website you can learn more about the best ways to capture images of auroras. I have even gathered some of the best information from NASA, the Institute for Space Physics in Kiruna (IRF) and the all-sky camera in Abisko to make it easier to see the northern lights. You will also find popular science information about how the auroras are created as well as folklore about how the auroras used to be perceived. And of course, there is also information about my photography courses, books and more. Welcome!

Link to the film Aurora Borealis – the Spirit of Lapland:




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