Oak, ash, birch, beech and rosewood - Which wood type should I choose?

Press release   •   Jul 16, 2019 10:39 CEST

Wood handles - which kind of wood?

The classic Østerbro door handles and the Svanemøllen handles are available in a number of different types of wood. Each type of wood has its own beautiful expression, and therefore we have created a small overview that hopefully makes it easier to choose the type of wood that fits your home the best.

Dørgreb i egetræ

Door handle in oak wood

Oak wood is a very strong material that is used for many different purposes - including floors and furniture.

Oak is easy to shape and is very resistant, which means that it is difficult to rot or dry the oak wood.

Oak is usually gray-white to light brown in the color, but you can also choose your handle in light oak which has got a very beautiful light tone or in smoked oak with its dark brown color tone.

Dørgreb i birketræ

Birch wood handles

Birch wood has got a bright color and is characterized by the fact that the wood verins are not visible on the surface. Birch is soft and easy to work with. The wood is elastic and strong, but should preferably be kept dry to maintain its structure and expression.

At VillaHus we have wooden handles in black birch wood, which means that the birch wood is lacquered to get its black surface. This makes the birch wood more resistant, while the black color also creates a beautiful contrast to, for example, a white door.

Dørgreb i asketræ

Ash wood handle

Ash wood is a type of wood that is very elastic. The wood is both heavy and hard at the same time. This means that ash wood is a kind of wood that is very durable and therefore does well as a door handle that every day meets countless hands.

Ash wood has a beautiful light color with visible wood veins, which creates a decorative surface full of life.

Dørgreb i palisander

Rosewood handles (bubinga wood)

Rosewood has a deep and beautiful reddish color, which is characterized by its visible wood veins and its durable surface.

It is extremely trendy to incorporate the beautiful rosewood into the home today, but unfortunately the rosewood grows only in few parts of the world and at the same time the tree grows extremely slowly. This, combined with the sad fact that forests are being felled like never before, means that practically no rosewood trees are used in modern production today. To protect the forests we, at VillaHus, have chosen bubinga wood as a replacement for the rosewood. Bubinga is an African wood species that has the same beautiful color and texture as the rosewood.

Dørgreb i bøgetræ

Beech wood handle

Beech wood is said to be the national tree of Denmark. Beech is a strong type of wood that is particularly suitable for furniture and interior products.

At VillaHus both the Østerbro handle and the Svanemøllen handle are available in black lacquered beech wood (this is called "black wood" on the webshop).

The lacquered surface makes the birch wood more resistant, while the black color also creates a beautiful, minimalistic expression in the home. 

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