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Press release   •   Jan 09, 2014 10:58 UTC

Crowding launches a brand new web platform for open innovation, the 14th of January. The project has been running for a year in close collaboration with some of Sweden’s largest companies. The goal has been clear and set to attract and involve the public in the companies innovation process so that new products and services faster can reach out to the market.

RnD departments of companies and organizations is undergoing a mayor change. From the old style when everything was done behind locked doors, to the trends of today witch is all about open things up and invite external innovators to your development.

On Crowdings web platform, the new generation of innovators can unleash their creativity through a co-creation process and develop new products or services. The process is based on iterations through four stages: from an idea in 140 characters into an elaborate presentation pitch for the company.

During the launch, you will get presented the latest features on Crowding’s platform; companies can assign a monetary sum to their challenge, that is then distributed to the individuals providing the most value, during the developing process. Patent attorney Groth & Co (IP firm of the year 2013) will also tell about how to manage IP-rights in an open innovation process.

Time: January 14, 4 pm
Location: SUP46, Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm.

We believe in a good mix of innovators; the staff from the company with extensive knowledge of the company’s products and services, customers and partners to the company with extensive user experience, and people who may never previously been in contact with the products or services at all, says Jacob Westerlund, founder of crowding.

Our ambition is to transform the RnD work flow in large companies and make the process more public and open. You need to ask for help or you can’t expect to get any, says Jacob Westerlund.

Crowding has been approved to the incubator STING and their accelerator program Fast Forward, located at SUP46 in Stockholm. Crowding has partly been funded by both Vinnova and Almi.

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Innovation Challenges to be published at the launch event:

How can we use social media platforms in public transport?
Contact: Åsa Edholm
10 000 SEK

How to connect the sound from the phone to the car?
Contact: Jessica Andersson
Reward:3 prices

[SWE] Hur skapar vi Almedalens snackis 2014?
Contact: Magdalena Jennstål
Reward:0 SEK

Munktell Sciencepark
Solution for smart living?
Contact: Olle Dierks
Reward:10 000 SEK

Sörmlands Sparbank

[SWE] Hur attraherar vi den yngre generationen?
Contact: Richard Caspary
Reward:10 000 SEK

How do we create a brand new pricing model for our services?
Contact: Johan Thorsson
Reward:10 000 SEK

Lantmännen (Aspen bränsle):

Presented later
Contact: Jakob Söderström
Reward:10 000 SEK

Jacob Westerlund, co-funder of Crowding
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Andreas Landsbo, co-funder of Crowding
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