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Pay via SMS and Get VOD and Live TV access

Press release   •   May 01, 2012 07:47 UTC

Xstream just launched the feature of SMS payment for our customer Nutv.dk in Denmark. Enabling their customers to make a onetime payment for 24 hour access to the VOD portal, or a 30-day subscription based payment to the VOD portal.

Xstream’s Online Video Platform, MediaMaker, provides a slew of options for accepting payments right out of the box. One of the payment options is SMS Payment, making it easier for your customers to rent movies or subscribe to your VOD and Live TV services.

 The flexibility of MediaMaker makes it easy to integrate and customize the solution to fit any needs and desires. For instance, you can integrate MediaMaker with your own ERP systems, allowing streaming to be billed alongside any existing subscriptions your customers may have signed up for.

  • Integrate with your own billing system/customer database
  • Integrate with different Card Payment providers
  • Integrate SMS payment providers
  • Enable onetime payment and recurring payment

Create your own business model using MediaMaker
MediaMaker offers the possibility of creating your own business model (e.g. SVOD and pay pr. view). The Shop module is prepared for several region and country specific payment providers, as well as different product types and payment options.

  • Manage payment options (depending on the chosen payment provider, additional integration costs must be expected)
  • Create and manage Product and Pricing Models
  • Create Vouchers and Campaigns
  • Manage Recurring payment (Flatrate/Subscription VOD)
  • Digital Rights Management (Widewine and MS PlayReady DRM)
  • Manage user accounts and access
  • Customer and order overview
  • Shop analytics
    • Examples of shop analytics:
      • Turnover pr. product, category and period
      • Sales pr. product, category and period

About Xstream A/S
Xstream is a software company that serves major companies and content owners with a complete range of streaming services that enables their customers to distribute streaming media content on all platforms, to any device, from anywhere. Since 1999, Xstream has developed and provided online video solutions and specializes in the delivery of customized online and mobile TV solutions. Xstream’s end-to-end Online Video Platform (OVP), MediaMaker, has grown to be the preferred OVP by major Telco’s, broadcasters, media companies and corporations, MediaMaker is known for its usability and flexibility. Xstream is based in Copenhagen, Denmark with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Poland.

Visit Xstream at www.xstream.dk for more information