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Projectplace Launches ‘Like’ Feature

Press release   •   Jun 23, 2011 06:41 UTC

A Like feature in Projectplace’s Conversations tool is the first of several steps to stimulate project commitment through positive reinforcement. A feature first developed for purely social platforms will now boost productivity in the popular project management tool. 

One of the major reasons for the huge success of Facebook is the option to “Like” posts, links and other contributions. The system encourages positive feedback and makes it easy for users to contribute, even if they do not have the time to comment. This makes for a positive and creative atmosphere that encourages even more social behavior as well as more frequent contributions and updates.

“Since many Facebook users have really embraced the Like feature we decided to implement a similar function in Projectplace’s Conversations tool. With this feature the Project Manager has a well-recognized and powerful tool to encourage desired behavior in the project to improve performance”, says Mattias Hällström, founder and head of R & D at Projectplace.

In behavioral science, the human reaction to positive feedback is explained as intermittent re-enforcement of behavior by the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is intimately connected to human emotion. It is a powerful social mechanism hard-wired into the human brain. Positive feedback creates trust and reduces defensive behavior, and it has evolved to enable humans to rapidly align their behavior to each other to cooperate efficiently.

“A project is a social system where people work together towards a common goal”, Mattias Hällström continues. “The key to successful project management is to understand how to make this system work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Interaction, acceptance and a free flow of information increases the chances of co-workers understanding their mutual objective and the Like feature aims to boost this. We are certain that the positive feedback will help increase project commitment and also let people have more fun when working in projects.”

Since the launch of the project Conversation Tool in September 2010, Projectplace is striving to support Social Project Management in the product development. Visit our Product Roadmap to discover what other features and products can be expected in the future.

See a film about how you can Like in your project here.

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