Press Release   •   Feb 03, 2016 17:37 GMT

Stockholm, Sweden, January 28th, 2016 - ­­Rebtel, the leading mobile communications company that makes international calling affordable and borderless, today announced its international launch of a patented new in­-app feature called Rebel Calling. Liberating international calling with the tap of a button, Rebel Calling allows for unlimited and free app­-to-­app calling without the need for an internet connection. This announcement marks the first step in breaking down the high fees and borders that define international calling rates.

With over 25 million users internationally users will now have the ability to join the masses and connect with friends and family abroad at minimal cost and with their same mobile provider. The service is currently available in 50+ countries and covers 25 percent of the world’s population.

“At Rebtel, we’re redefining the way we communicate via calling in the same way WhatsApp overtook text messaging. By taking back the phone lines from the corporations and putting it in the hands of the consumers, we’re allowing them to connect with anyone they want in the world. Our wifi­-free calling service provides the best possible call quality at the lowest price, and having already completed over 1 billion minutes in calls abroad yearly, we’re ready to break even more boundaries.” said Rebtel CEO Magnus Larsson

In addition to the app launch, Rebtel will unveil a complete remake of the brand including logo, product design, and communications with the help of the creative team behind VICE.

“Our mission is to turn the telecommunications business on its head and to change Rebtel’s digital business model to reflect an independent modern service that matches a user’s desire. The need for people to call across the world has never been greater. Right now, we’re seeing huge migrations internationally and the big cities are becoming even bigger melting pots. We are creating a brand for these people and our app is making the experience of connecting truly borderless,” said Rebtel CMO Fredrik Wrahme.

Rebtel App Features:

Rebel Calling­ - Unlimited app to app calling for $1/month ­- currently free for 2016

Rebtel Unlimited Calling ­- Unlimited calling to any phone in any country for as low as $5/month (inquire directly for specific country breakdown). Rebtel automatically connects via a local call to Rebtel who transfers the call to any number in the world.

No WiFi ­- Rebtel allows for international calls without the assistance of an internet connection.

Travel mode­ - Call any phone in the world via Wifi when traveling abroad.

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About Rebtel: Founded in 2006 by Hjalmar Winbladh and Jonas Lindroth, Rebtel is an innovative Swedish based mobile communications company that allows users to make unlimited and affordable international calls to any mobile device or landline via its app, without the assistance of WiFi. Led by the former heads of Tele2, Rebtel is turning the telco industry on its head with a global app that liberates international calling and removes the fees associated with calling abroad. Learn more at