RES Awarded Contract for 10MW Frequency Response Energy Storage System

Press Release   •   Jan 09, 2018 16:25 GMT

Project development company RES Deutschland GmbH (Renewable Energy Systems) has won a contract put out to tender by Versorgungsbetriebe Bordesholm (VBB) for the construction of a 10-MW battery storage system to supply reserve power. In addition to supplying an operating reserve, the battery storage system will operate as a stand-alone power system to provide back-up power to the region – sourced primarily from renewables – in the event of a mains network failure. The state of Schleswig-Holstein is providing financial support to fund the pilot of the stand-alone power system. For global project development company RES, the project is the first multi-megawatt storage project on German soil.

The dismantling of conventional power stations and the increased use of renewable energy sources means that new, more flexible frequency stabilisation solutions are required. Depending on the situation, and whether there is an excess or shortfall of energy in the supply network, the use of power from volatile sources can cause fluctuations in frequency which, in turn, can result in problems. By installing a new battery storage system on its own site, Versorgungsbetriebe Bordesholm (VBB) is helping to stabilise the network. The municipality already meets 75 per cent of its annual energy needs with renewable sources. The storage system is designed to provide energy for a limited geographical area – with no interruption to supply – in the event of a fault in the main grid or the total failure of the upstream network. The Bordesholm battery storage system will boast a marketable output of 10 MW, with a storage capacity of 15 MWh.

Battery storage systems: A growth market

Battery storage systems, like those offered by the RES Group for the German and European markets, are ideal for system service applications: If surplus energy is available, they store it and feed it back into the network in a fraction of a second when demand starts to exceed supply, making them a fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. "We're pleased to be able to work with RES – a company with many years of experience in the global storage solutions market – as a partner for our pilot project. The bid submitted by RES demonstrated a high level of technical expertise, and we were impressed by the detailed concepts and exceptionally competitive pricing", says Frank Günther, Managing Director at VBB.

The technical specifications for the project are demanding: In addition to a closed network infrastructure, the storage system must be equipped with additional features such as synchronous coupling switches. The system will also incorporate a powerful fibreglass network to enable real-time communication between the technical components and customers.

Dr. Matthias Leuthold, Head of Energy Storage Systems at RES Deutschland GmbH: "The RES Group has already implemented numerous energy storage projects for network services in the UK, USA and Canada. We're really pleased to have won the contract with VB Bordesholm. This is an important step towards bringing our expertise to the German market. Reserve power is a cost-effective solution that will grow in importance over the coming years, including in Germany, as we continue to phase out fossil fuels."

Construction work on the storage system in Bordesholm is set to commence in summer 2018; VBB plans to commission the system in spring 2019. Upon completion of the pilot, the findings from the research will be available to research institutions as a source of data for further investigations. Furthermore, the storage system is expected to generate annual revenue of around a million euro by providing reserve power for the primary energy market.

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