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Rights & Brands teams up with Lekis AB to represent the Babyloonz brand worldwide.

Press Release   •   Apr 12, 2018 09:17 GMT

Rights & Brands teams up with Lekis AB to represent the Babyloonz brand worldwide.

Rights & Brands will further develop partnerships for the brand and expand its portfolio of licensees.Bulls Licensing has been commissioned to manage the operational business for Rights & Brands.

Lekis AB is a production company, founded in 2014 by Niklas Malmqvist and Vanja Wikström, that creates gender neutral and educational children's programs and apps for young children and babies.

Lekis AB’s focus on creating a product that is especially suited for young children and their development while at the same time successfully addresses the parents of toddlers who often seek a helping hand is what makes their children’s programs unique.

Babyloonz is a modern brand with a strong digital presence that appeals to young children.The colourful Babyloonz have their own Youtube channel with 1.8 million unique views per month and an app with 600 000 views.

The artwork in the style guide consists of numerous colorful images of the main characters, environments, icons and patterns protected by copyright and available for legal licensing and merchandising.

“We are very happy and proud to be partnering with the great team at Rights & Brands! Together we can take the next step in our company and bring our beloved Babyloonz characters to even more families around the world.” Says Niklas Malmqvist Founder and CEO at Lekis AB

“We are very excited to welcome Babyloonz to our brand portfolio. Youtube has exploded in Sweden with content for the "new" target group 0-4 years old. What we feel is unique with Babyloonz is that while the app and TV channel entertains and educates the kids, it is also appealing for the parents" says Kristin Tjulander, Sales & Marketing Director at Bulls Licensing

Link to Babyloonz Youtube

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