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​Roombler - Be a perfect host

Press Release   •   May 03, 2016 12:17 GMT

Roombler - Be a perfect host

Celebrated tech entrepreneur turned indie hotelier launches global booking management app for the hundreds of thousands of people who offer rentals through platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway, or manage small hotels or B&Bs.

Airbnb, Wimdu, 9flats and other successful sharing economy companies turned us all into hoteliers. Or rather, into hosts. Now we can all welcome people to our towns and cities and offer a personal, human alternative to generic hotel chains while maintaining hotel class standards.

"— Roombler is for the hundreds of thousands of people who see themselves as semi-professional hosts, but who want to look after their guests in the best possible way. From booking through to check-out and beyond. All this without having to invest in new equipment, which is why Roombler runs as an app on the smartphone we all have in our pockets."

Björn Milton, tech trailblazing co-founder of Sweden's Twingly turned celebrated indie hotelier on the island of Gotland, saw first-hand the need for Roombler.

"— Whether you rent out a summer house or run a small hotel; you always want to be the perfect host. It’s why you do what you do."

The Roombler app helps everyone — families, individuals, and accommodation providers — manage their bookings, guest information and payments as well as automatically sync their bookings from external services such as Booking.com and Airbnb.

Milton himself ran the popular six room Hotel Stelor, fuelled by passion. A passion that needed to be supported to manage all the little things that a guest might not even be aware of but that add up to a lovely experience.

"— Structure and tools are never at the front of mind for anyone who wants to rent out an apartment or run a hotel. That’s not what attracts anyone to hospitality! Yet the behind the scenes structure is the magic that allows people to do what they are best at - being hosts. Essentially, there should be an app for that. That is why we created Roombler."

Roombler is in active daily use across the world, from a tree tent living camp in Cambodia to a provider of vacation rentals in Australia and at top boutique hotels in Sweden.

“Roombler is the best service I have seen for small operators like myself. There are a number of similar apps but none are as user-friendly, or have the same functionality. Roombler is far superior.”

Michael Tonso, Island Holiday - Melbourne, Australia


Roombler - Be a perfect host

For semi-professional or enthusiast hosts

iOS (iPhone, iPad) app

Current version launched April 2016

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Roombler App helps you manage bookings, check-ins, payments, check-outs and confirmation emails. All with live statistics. And all in an app for your iPad or iPhone.