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Sentient’s Driver Torque Principle in production

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2013 06:42 GMT

Gothenburg-based Sentient, has had their software, for steering control, introduced into the production of heavy vehicles. The software, which is built into the vehicle’s steering system, reduces, and in some cases, eliminates steering disturbances and reduces wear and tear risks. Drivers who have tried the new steering system have been very satisfied.

“This really highlights the significance of the drivers’ experience of steering in heavy vehicles. An important starting-point for us has been driver comfort, which in the end increases road safety and leads to a better working environment for the drivers”, says Dr Jochen Pohl, founder and technical specialist at Sentient.

Sentient develops steering software products and holds patents based on the Driver Torque Principle, which improves steering comfort. The software improves course-stability and prevents road disturbances from being transferred to the steering wheel. The Driver Torque Principle is also the basis for the development of a range of additional active safety features to come.

“We are very pleased that our software has been introduced for production by one of the world's leading truck manufacturers. Furthermore, we are convinced that third party solutions like ours will be the most cost-effective for development as well as for maintenance of steering software. We are expecting more manufacturers in the automotive industry to introduce our patented technology”, says Jochen Pohl.

Gothenburg February 28, 2013.

For further information, please contact Per Adolfsson, co-operative director at Sentient Sweden, phone +46 31 309 72 00. 

Sentient is a Gothenburg-based, co-operatively owned and managed developer of active safety software for the automotive industry. Sentient software is often delivered with additional services such as demos, integration, maintenance and updates.

Our vision is to save lives through the use of technology. Our technology helps drivers cope better in dangerous situations, eliminating fatal and serious accidents, whilst at the same time enhancing the driver experience. Sentient’s patented concepts and software are implemented in the vehicle’s steering system.